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where the side bar thin switch on the left side like in all in one side bar ?

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As the title say, all in one side bar offer a "thin switch" on the left ( or right ) side of the navigator page. But with the new firefox quantum thing, that's just a button to setup... which is... clearly not that great...

Is there a way to have that "thin switch bar" ?

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So ? anyone know an extension or so to have the sidebar switch in the margin like all in one sidebar or omnisidebar ?


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You must realize that some of us have no idea what you are talking about nor what this looked like. More detail would have been helpful.

The Bookmark Toolbar sets up on the left side as it stands now. Below is what this turned up for 2nd one

Firefox is not allowing as much intrusion into itself due to the fact addons were not secure and they also tended to break Firefox.

You will find all sorts of info and places to go check what can be done using usserchrome to change the appearance and functions.

You will have to search around as not all the info is in one place , yet.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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Do you mean a narrow area that you hover to slide the sidebar out over the document? There was a discussion here

that leads to a link here

but I personally find it insanely fidgety.

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jscher2000 said

Do you mean a narrow area that you hover to slide the sidebar out over the document? .... but I personally find it insanely fidgety.

I agree that hover > slide can be fidgety.

Back in the days before Firefox 3.0 (iirc) there were a few extensions that dealt with opening or showing the Side Bar. As I recall, the hover > slide extension did have an about:config pref to control how quickly it slid open.

Another, that was called "Grippies", added a "grip" feature at the mid point in the content area where the user could click on the "grip" to open or hide the Side Bar; the best part of that extension is that since the Side Bar was technically open all the time, the users scroll position would hold when the Side Bar was hidden. The "grip" was hidden in the Gecko code that Firefox got from the old Mozilla Suite, wasn't ever used in Firefox as a feature - but was available for extensions to use. When Firefox was changed in 2.0 or 3.0 the internal code for the "grip" was removed.

Just found this via a Google search of the old MozDev website. "Picked out of mozilla-1.0.0 on 10/24/2002. It's bad implementation/use in the mozilla classic and modern skins lead the developers at to just remove the grippy functionality from this xbl definition, I assume they forgot how to use this bug, err, feature. "