Tips to protect your online privacy

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Many websites track our online behavior to give us a customized online experience. If we're not careful, this can also put us at risk of having our information accessed by third parties without our knowledge.

You don’t have to sacrifice your privacy every time you go online. Here are some tips to help you control what information is saved, tracked or shared.

Lightbeam: Know who's watching you

When you visit a website, do you really know how many companies you are sharing your information with?

Lightbeam is a Mozilla add-on that tells you how many companies you’ve connected with as you browse the Web. This knowledge helps you make informed decisions when you go online.


Visit the Lightbeam page to install the add-on and shine a light on who’s tracking you.

Do Not Track: Tell websites to stop tracking you

The Do Not Track feature tells websites - and their networks - that you don’t want your behavior monitored and shared. Mozilla is helping more and more companies implement Do Not Track.

Do Not Track is available for Firefox desktop, Firefox for Android and How to turn on the Do-not-track feature on Firefox OS | Firefox OS]].

Private Browsing: Don't save a record of your online behavior

When sharing a computer with others, follow these tips to keep your information, such as browsing history and logins, private:

  • Use Private Browsing mode to prevent your history, site preferences or logins from being saved and accessed by others. Private Browsing also blocks cookies, preventing fraudsters and snoops from tracking your behavior.
private browsing - fx29 - win8 private browsing - fx29 - mac private browsing - fx29 - linux
  • If you forget to use Private Browsing mode on a shared computer, don't worry. You can still use the Forget button forget button gray to quickly delete your recent information without affecting the rest.
forget controls

Privacy add-ons

Your choices don't end here. Firefox has thousands of available add-ons to protect your privacy! Choose from add-ons that block advertising and trackers to ones that prevent search engines from modifying your search results.

See the Privacy Add-on collection.