Reply to forwarded emails with Firefox Relay Premium

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Relay Premium allows you to reply to emails that come to you through your masks right from your personal inbox. This way, you can keep in touch with the sender without exposing your real email address.

To reply to forwarded emails

  1. Open an email forwarded to your inbox by Relay. These will show [via Relay] in the subject line.
  2. Reply to the email as you would reply to any other email in your inbox.
    Adding email addresses to the BCC and CC fields might expose your real email address when you reply to a forwarded email. You should only have as the recipient when responding to an email.
  3. The reply will be sent to, which is the Relay email to receive the replies.
    Reply email with Relay Premium 1
  4. The recipient will see the response come from the email mask you generated instead of your real email address.
    Reply email with Relay Premium 2

Additionally, when you visit the Relay dashboard, you can see the number of emails forwarded to that mask. Reply email with Relay Premium 3


  • You can only reply to an email within three months of receiving that email. Any replies outside this window will not be delivered.
  • The size limit of files that can be attached to a forwarded email is 10 MB. Also, keep in mind that only attachments are supported. For example, if you paste an image into the email body and not as an attachment, it won't be forwarded.
  • You can send up to 100 replies per day.

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