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This quick tip explains how to use Open Search to search various websites for words or phrases contained in email messages.

How to use Open Search

Highlight some text in a message then right click and select Search the web for: ... from the context menu:

open search menu option

Thunderbird will show the search results in your default browser.

How to change the default search engine

The sites that you can search are displayed in a vertical toolbar on the left.

  • Click the site icons to re-run the search on a different site.
  • Use the next and previous arrows to move backwards and forwards through the search results.
  • Click the heart icon at the bottom of the toolbar (lower left corner of the screen) to set the current search site as the default. (The heart is red when the currently selected site is the default.)

twitter open search results

How to add Google to the search engine list

By default, Google is not included in the search engine list, but you can add it simply by installing the Google Search for Thunderbird add-on.