Firefox Lite Reward Program

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We are looking for loyal Firefox Lite users to use our new Content & Services features everyday.

The Mission begins on November 1st, 2019 and ends on December 31, 2019. All entries must be complete by December 31, 2019. All rewards must be redeemed by December 31, 2019 or they will expire.


  • All users who install or update Firefox Lite after November 1st, 2019 are eligible for the 7-day mission.
  • Once you have used our new “Content & Services features” for seven consecutive days and successful signup/signin with your Firefox Account, you are eligible to redeem a single Buka/Toko/Shopee gift card/e-voucher.
  • Gift card/e-vouchers must be redeemed before the expiration date. Otherwise, the mission will expire and the gift card/e-voucher cannot be redeemed.
  • After redeeming the voucher, the gift card/e-voucher must be used by the expiration date.
  • Using multiple accounts to participate in the mission will get you disqualified and banned from future reward missions.

Get started

  1. Join the challenge.
    Firefox Lite Join Challenge
  2. Complete the Day 1 task.
    Firefox Lite Complete Day 1 Task
  3. Complete all other tasks and redeem your gift.
    Firefox Lite Redeem


How do I earn rewards?

  • Try out our new “Content & Services" features as a daily task for seven consecutive days.
  • Earn a gift for completing the consecutive 7-day mission.
  • The timer resets if you don't log in for one day.
  • Your mission will be reset if you missed a day without completing the daily task.
  • You don't earn points for simply logging in, so you must actually browse and complete the necessary tasks, which will allow you to get the most out of the new redesigned experience.
  • You don't earn extra rewards for logging in multiple times a day with one account or multiple accounts.

How can I redeem the reward?

For each mission, you can only redeem your gift once. Once you've completed the mission, each eligible single gift card/e-voucher will display on the Reward screen. Just tap Redeem and follow the steps. Browse the Redeem screen whenever you’re feeling spendy.

When should I redeem my reward?

  • As long as you've completed 7-day consecutive mission and signed up/signed in to Firefox Account, you may redeem your awards at any time up until the expiration date.
  • If we were you (not that you asked, but hey), we would:
    • register for a Firefox Account first if you don’t have one
    • use Firefox Account and use our “Content & Services ” features for seven consecutive days
    • redeem a sweet Buka/Toko gift card
    • treat yourself to that item that's been sitting in your shopping cart forever!

Where can I redeem the gift?

  • Check your mission history to confirm that you've completed the 7-day consecutive Mission and are eligible to redeem a gift card/e-voucher. Your challenge history will display after each day, but you can also reach out to to inquire!
  • Tap the Redeem button to get the gift card/e-voucher here.

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