Exporting and sharing a calendar

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Things you need:

  • Lightning
  • A server supporting WebDAV

Steps, when using Lightning

  1. Open up Lightning by then pressing the Calendar button.
  2. Click Events and Tasks.
  3. Click Publish.
  4. Click the calendar you want to publish then press OK.
  5. Enter your WebDAV url.
  6. Enter a username, password and other required data.
  7. You're done!

Exporting a calendar under Thunderbird and Lightning

  1. Open the Thunderbird instance.
  2. Click on Events and Tasks.
  3. Use the Export command to open a selection dialog.
  4. Select the calendar you want to export and click OK.
  5. Specify the filename of the exported calendar, where the exported calendar will be stored. Use the little arrow at the right of the name field to select the appropriate file location!
  6. Specify the type of file to create: HTML, iCalendar format or CSV file.
  7. Click the Save button.

Using a shared folder

When the calendar file is stored on a shared folder, you may also have several Thunderbird instances open the same calendar file, provided the proper extension is installed.

Since a standard iCalendar protocol is used, even other calendar supporting products, such as Microsoft Outlook, may share the same calendar.

However, when using this method, only the first instance opening the calendar has modification rights.