Does Firefox work on Windows 8 and Windows RT?

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Windows 8/RT was just released by Microsoft. This article will answer to some questions you could have if you have planned to upgrade your OS to Windows 8, buy a brand new computer on Windows 8 or a tablet (e.g. Surface) on Windows RT.

Note: This article only applies to Windows. To see instructions, choose any Windows version from the dropdown menu above.

Does Firefox work in the Windows 8 desktop view?

Firefox 17 is the first version that officially supports Windows 8 in the desktop view although the previous versions of Firefox should work without major issues. See Firefox 17 system requirements for more details.

Does Firefox work in the Windows 8 Metro interface?

Firefox doesn't currently run in the Metro interface but Mozilla is working on it with an expected release at the beginning of 2013. Tech users could be interested by Firefox Windows 8 Integration in the Mozilla wiki to help testing the development version.

Does Firefox work on Windows RT?

Currently, there is no version of Firefox for Windows RT.