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Revision Status S Editor R Comment
Current M AliceWyman purged pre-fx68 content, a few other edits
Approved   Angela Lazar Added template
Approved   Angela Lazar Added video
Approved M AliceWyman updated summary and intro to clarify that this article is for older versions,
Approved M AliceWyman Intro: updated for fx70 release
Approved   Artist minor edits only
Approved M AliceWyman shorter search summary, small edit to note {for not fx67}
Approved M AliceWyman added note for not fx67 - see discussion
Approved M Underpass condition never verified (a "for fx69" block inside a "for not fx69" block)
Approved M AliceWyman Intro: fixed internal links {for not fx69}
Approved M AliceWyman fx69 updates incl new screenshot (see discussion), other edits
Approved M AliceWyman {for not fx69} Template:update fx desktop
Approved M AliceWyman removed note {for not fx70} since Firefox 69 users are already using the latest version.
Approved M Joni added notes with links to etp
Approved M Joni removed pre-ESR (below 68), more 69 updates
Approved M Joni fixed some showfor
Approved MT Lamont Gardenhire Made changes since cryptomining blocking has been moved from "Strict" to "Standard" in the privacy panel for FX Version 69
Approved M Joni added note about being set to strict by default
Approved M Joni updated for 68 - fingerprinting and cryptomining are now in strict (in addt to custom)
Approved MT Lamont Gardenhire Added new content for version 67
Approved M AliceWyman changed {for not fx67} to {for =fx65, =fx66} to remove overlap with {for not fx65} section
Approved M Marcelo Ghelman Fix on "Change your block list"
Approved MT Lamont Gardenhire Additional changes to content
Unreviewed   Joergen Fixed internal links for FX 66 and older
Approved MT Lamont Gardenhire Additional changes
Unreviewed   Marcelo Ghelman 'Content Blocking in Private Browsing' section was missing on fx67. / 'Reload All Tabs'. / Some more fixes.
Approved M Lamont Gardenhire Added new content for version 67
Approved M user1617070
Approved M AliceWyman Fx66BlockLists image for fx66
Approved M AliceWyman (Bug 1518293) need new Fx66BlockLists image
Approved M AliceWyman rearranged and reworded some content, added back Private Browsing section for fx65
Approved M AliceWyman Image:Fx63ContentBlocking-DisableBlocking
Unreviewed   Michele Rodaro Image: Content blocking disabled - shield icon strikethrough
Approved M Joni updated per new request/ ui changes from team
Approved M AliceWyman replaced Nightly image, Do Not Track note for fx65, other edits
Approved M AliceWyman Custom: "Cookies" must be selected; Change your block list: image for fx65; other edits
Approved   Michele Rodaro some "select > click" and other minor edits
Approved M AliceWyman fx65 Intro: fixed internal links. fx63: added back TOC, PB content
Approved M Joni updated meta description
Approved M Joni added anchor links
Unreviewed   Joni minor edits to header
Approved M Joni redid article for 65
Approved M AliceWyman the shield icon appears when content is blocked, not when blockable content is detected
Approved M AliceWyman removed {note} markup
Approved M AliceWyman Turn Content Blocking on or off in private windows
Approved M AliceWyman added note about "Do Not Track"
Approved M AliceWyman Turn Content Blocking on or off: added new image, other edits
Approved M AliceWyman linkified Control Center
Approved M Michele Rodaro options/preferences + another "shield icon" image
Approved M AliceWyman added template, other edits based on tracking-protection article discussions
Approved M Michele Rodaro Typo (button markup): {Button ...} --> {button Disable blocking for this Site}
Approved M Joni new UI and new steps changed after the release.
Approved M Joni fastblock has been removed
Approved MT Joni new article for 63
Unreviewed   Joni placeholder

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