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Disable web push notifications popup but keep notifications

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Recently the web push notifications got a popup UI that is really disturbing. Show up on all desktops etc., it interrupts me in what I’m doing. I really very strongly dislike this change.

I would like to revert to how it was before (pre-76.0 ? Not sure exactly which version): - notifications get sent to my desktop/OS’s notification center (running OpenSuse + KDE), - no popup is displayed when a notification is triggered.

That way: - notifications will respect the OS « do not disturb » mode, - notifications get shown through a unified UI for all applications, - I can pick how « interrupting » I want each notification to be, - In particular I can focus while on my computer without being interrupted, and poll the notifications occasionally.

Is there a way (maybe a about:config option) to keep notifications but disable the popup behaviour?

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Hi Luc, glad to see you on Mozilla Support Forum.

  • To access notification settings tap ‘Options’ in the Firefox menu.
  • Select ‘Privacy & Security’.
  • Scroll to ‘Permission’ block and click on ‘Settings’ opposite to a ‘Notifications’ item
  • You will find the list of websites with notification options. All of these sites have requested permission to send notifications.
  • For each website, select the desired status – ‘Allow’ or ‘Block’.
  • To block new requests asking to allow notifications, tick on the box Block new requests asking to allow notifications.
  • When you are finished, click ‘Save changes’.

I think it's one of those solution you are looking for. Thanks !


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