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Have url bar and tabs on same row to save vertical screen real estate

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All I need in terms of "chrome" is two rows: Row 1: from left to right, url bar, bookmark star, tabs, new tab button, home button, AdBlock Plus icon, Stylish icon. Row 2: the bookmarks toolbar.

I don't need a title bar or a menu bar or any other buttons. That's it. The rest of my screen shows me the web page I'm on. Which is what I want.

I could do all that with the Customize palette in Firefox from versions 4 up till version 28.

Now, I've installed Aurora (Fx 29) with Australis. I cannot use the Customize palette to move the url bar anymore. When I drag it, it just slides back.

I know there are two extensions, OneLiner and CTR that allow me to address this issue but ... I don't want to use CTR because it has a lot of other code I don't need and OneLiner doesn't work as well as dragging and dropping the url bar where I want. I'm also not sure this extension is being maintained.

My questions are: Why was moving the url bar via the Customize panel made impossible? Is there some sort of CSS (and the Stylish extension) to do what I want?

This move will hit users of small screens. I was quite happy until version 28. Version 29 is going to make me sad because the increased wasted area on my screen.

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Some items are fixed to the Navigation Toolbar and can't be removed, so that is not possible and even if it would be then you still won't be able to hide the Navigation Toolbar as this is no longer possible via the user interface (View > Toolbars or Firefox > Preferences)

  • Bug 870545 - Prevent hiding the nav-bar from the context menu / toolbar menu

You will have to use an extension like CTR to have more customization options.

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"Why was moving the url bar via the Customize panel made impossible?"

This was done because it was relatively easy for people to accidentally make Firefox unusable. I see how that's a bit of a step back for you but hopefully the Classic Theme Restorer will be something you can use. It definitely let's you accomplish moving the address bar into the same row as the tabs.

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@Michael, thank you for your response which explains the thinking behind the move. I appreciate that.

I also understand that asking for an "option" to still retain the facility may lead to code bloat but I hope that it is possible to restore that functionality (without the need of an extension) perhaps in a less readily accessible way: some about:config magic, perhaps?

I am using CTR with Aurora but that extension has a lot of functionality that I don't need. My Firefox setup is really minimal. I use the keyboard a lot and have very few extensions and soI am not affected by most of the other changes that Australis has introduced.

Whatever the final decision, Firefox will still remain my browser :)

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I agree about "code bloat". CTR has a lot of functionality that I don't need either. In fact, those unneeded "extras" are opposite of the way I would modify Firefox for the most part.

I not going to offer any specific suggestions because you're on Linux while I'm using WinXP, but I am messing with userChrome.css and various UserStyles on Nightly and Aurora to effect the changes I want with the least amount of added code (not withstanding what Stylish adds to Firefox).

My suggestion is to head over to the MozillaZine Builds forum and look for threads where mods to Australis are being discussed. Also, check out userstyles.org/ to see what styles are available for Stylish. There's also a forum - http://forum.userstyles.org/ - over there.

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Thank you, the-edmeister!

I do read the posts in Mozillazine. Unfortunately, there aren't too many people worried about my specific issue! And, as they say there, Mozillazine != Mozilla.

I also read Aris's CTR thread carefully and, when the dust settles and he has some time to breathe, I'm going to beg him to write an extension that just does what I want.

I also visit userstyles.org (and use Stylish a lot) but I doubt what I want can be done by pure CSS. Again, I'm waiting till things settle down and the new order is finalized. Who knows, the devs may have a change of heart. One can hope :)

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I tried to mark the-edmeister's post as helpful but it's not showing as such. Is there some sort of limit?