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I can't get my hughesnet email since I upgraded to 3.6.24, can I get rid of that upgrade??

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I am running Mac OS 10.5.8 & had no trouble with Firefox until I upgraded to 3.6.24. I can't get my email. When I click to go to the email page, I get a blank page with the proper web mail heading, but nothing else. I can run everything fine on Safari. I don't use any other servers. Can I downgrade or something. How about deleting Firefox completely from my computer & starting over??

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GMail or other email application, entire message content missing (blank) after header title

In Firefox, if you have "Adblock Plus" extension.

  1. "Ctrl+Shift+F" Preferences (or right click on ABP symbol, and choose preferences)
  2. 'Filters' menu > "Update all subscriptions"


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I don't have "Adblock Plus" & my mail is through Hughes net.In Firefox, I have only upgraded when urged to & added colorful themes. No problem with the themes, I've had them for several months. Everyone seems to think" Adblock plus " is the problem & I don't even know what it is. Should I get rid of Firefox altogether & start over?? If so, how can I find ALL Firefox files to delete every one & make a clean start???