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Since upgrading to 5.0 I am unable to save mutiple tabs. that option has dissapeared?

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Since upgrading to version 5 I am unable to save a tabbed group. I.e. if I have several tabs open I am unable to save them all at once, the option is not present in the "bookmarks" drop down menu?

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Some menu entries in the main menu bar are hidden if you use the mouse and only appear if you use the keyboard to open the menu (Bug 626825).

You can see the difference if you use Alt+F to open the File menu or Alt+B to open the Bookmarks menu and compare that to what you see if you use the mouse to open the menu after you have made the menu bar visible by tapping Alt or by pressing F10.

  • "Bookmark All Tabs" (Shift+Ctrl+D) no longer shows in the Bookmarks menu unless you open the Bookmarks menu via the keyboard (Alt + B).
  • "Bookmark This Page" can be accessed via the right-click context menu of that browser page.
  • "Bookmark All Tabs" can be accessed via the right-click context menu of a tab on the tab bar.

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I'm not sure you could ever Really save Tab Groups so that you could reload them in another session. You can still "edit" or "name" the groups, but I've never been able to Save Them (in essence making a Bookmark of a Tab Group).

      • Update, I see if FF closes properly then the Tab Groups you were using are properly auto-saved, but this is not the same as choosing to save a set of URLs as something you can open later. It seems to really only save the last set of URLs that you were recently viewing.

Maybe someone can help out here and help us learn how to Save a Set of Windows/URLs as something that can easily be loaded again, I thought that was what Tab Groups helped you do.

I think it would be nice(er) if we had an option to "Save Tab Groups" along with the edit of their name, etc. Plus as others have mentioned elsewhere if the Non-visible Tab Group could somehow not use the Computers CPU, that would be handy as well.

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