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How do I save a web page as a word document?

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I can't seem to copy a web page into a word document so I can edit it.

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Ctrl-S or File>Save As will allow you to save an HTML copy of a webpage which could then be edited by the program of your choice.

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If it is just blocks of text you are interested in consider using copy and paste. or with other items try right clicking in Windows for options to save images etc.

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Firefox will no longer allow me to copy a block of text to save it if the block goes farther down than the bottom of the screen. It used to scroll down as far as necessary while holing down the highlight button on the mouse but now stops and will not scroll with a block highlighted beyond the original screen.

I've been using IE for the past month because firefox stopped allowing this while it still works great in IE.

I just upgraded to firefox 5.0 hoping it would fix the problem but it did not. Guess I'll be back in the old and slow IE.

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It probably works if you have a toolbar (Add-ons Bar or Find bar) visible.

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I just tried it with Firefox 5. Go to the beginning of the page, hold down the left mouse button, pull your mouse down to the bottom of the screen, and let it scroll down to the bottom of the document. Release the left button, and the whole text will be selected. Then just copy it to the clipboard and paste it into your Word page. I just now tried it, and it worked fine. Got the photos too.