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Why won't Firefox COMPLETELY block video autoplay?

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After following all the suggestions found by searching video autoplay, Firefox currently still autoplays videos with the sound muted. This is in websites other than those like YouTube, such as news websites and the like. What I REALLY want is to COMPLETELY PREVENT automatic playback of any of these videos, and if necessary, whitelist domains like YouTube to allow autoplay. Is this even feasible?

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I am running Firefox 68.0.2 64-bit on a Win7 Pro 64-bit system. Webroot SecureAnywhere v9.0.26.61 is my antivirus. uBlock Origin is the ad blocker addon in operation.

If I go to the Bloomberg URL I provided, I see stock ticker data for a French company AND a video is playing. With sound muted. My complaint is that the video is playing. I would prefer it to be paused until I unpause it.

I get that the current version of Firefox will not prevent the playing of muted video on its own. It is not how I would have designed it, but it is what it is. If any Mozilla developers are watching this thread, please file this as a request for a future revision: Do not allow non-whitelisted websites (or domains) from playing video, muted or otherwise, without authorization.

Thank you.

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Hadn't even heard about it until now. Looking into it though, it sounds like security updating is slower. I'll just stick with what has been working for the most part and move on.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond.

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