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My bookmarks are missing and none of the articles in the help forum solved the issue

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Used "refresh" to speed up my browser, lost all of my bookmarks, and have tried every method to recover my 66 bookmarks and they are still not showing in my bookmarks "library" Having tried importing them from back up and converting to HTML files but still not showing in Firefox anywhere.......... please help!

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What reason(s) did you have to do this refresh?

Do you see any backups in the bookmarkbackups folder?

  • Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks -> Import & Backup -> Restore

Did you try top restore a compressed .jsonlz4 backup from the backups in the bookmarkbackups folder in the "Old Firefox Data" folder on the desktop?

when you use the refresh feature in Firefox then a new profile is created and some personal data (bookmarks and history, form data, tabs) is automatically imported. The current profile folder will be moved to an "Old Firefox Data" folder on the desktop. Installed extensions and other customizations (toolbars, prefs) that you have made are lost and need to be redone.

It is possible to recover data from the "Old Firefox Data" folder on the desktop, but be cautious not to copy corrupted files to avoid carrying over problems.