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Firefox 13.0.1 causes my computer to freeze

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Especially when I use Dreamweaver. I downgraded to version 12, but somehow it got upgraded to 13 again. I've turned off the updates completely and hope that it won't upgrade again until this once great browser stops trying to constantly fix something that wasn't broken in the first place. It's broken now.

Please get over the constant updates. It would make a lot more sense to just make whatever new version you're working on function correctly before releasing it, even if it doesn't come out on some PM's schedule.

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I'm not familiar with any specific interactions between Firefox and Dreamweaver. You're saying that when you start Firefox, Dreamweaver also starts??

What do you think about just jumping up to 14.0.1? There are dozens of fixes in each version, and it would be nice not to spend time trying to debug something that's already been fixed in a later release.

If Fx14 causes freezes, I'd ask you to look at 2 things first:

(1) Disabling Flash 11.3 Protected Mode

(2) Testing in Safe Mode (Extensions disabled)

Details upon request

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Thanks - I may give 14 a try but I'm a little hesitant. I'm not sure if the interaction between FF 13.0.1 and Dreamweaver had anything to do with just having to boot into safe mode and run ccleaner, but it's a pain. I have version 12 again and as long as it respects my option to not upgrade, it should be good. Sorry for being terse...was hoping to get a job done quickly tonight but due to the second upgrade to 13, couldn't.

If I try 14, I'll be sure to update as to whether it had a bad interaction with Dreamweaver or not.

This is running on Windows 7, btw.

Have a great night.