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Firefox won't install

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Having been using the beta and then the RC, my FF apparently updated to the official 4.0 when it was released. However it was still showing as Beta 6 in my start menus and shortcuts which was an annoyance. I uninstalled Beta 6 to start afresh but now cannot install 4.0.

When I click to run it, it shows the usual Windows UAC dialog which I accept, and then the installation file extracts - and then nothing. I've also tried running it in various compatibility modes with the same result - it 'extracts' and nothing happens. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.

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Still not working, and nor is installation of any of the previous versions - they all do the same thing, 'extracts' and then nothing.

In desperation I just copied the program folder from my Vista laptop onto my main computer and bizarrely it's working. Obviously this is not ideal as FF is not properly installed into the system, and doesn't show up in the Start Menu etc.

Would really appreciate if anyone could help with this considering Mozilla ignores everyone.

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Well thanks for the help everyone - thankfully I was able to talk to someone in the chatbox in the end who actually did help.

They provided the solution of extracting the setup file via 7Zip instead, as opposed to using it's in-built extractor. Once the files were unzipped I was able to run the setup file from my Desktop.