Add a Firefox widget to your Home screen

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In iOS 14, Apple introduced the concept of Home screen widgets. From now on any widget that is available in the "Today" View can also be added to the Home screen alongside your apps.

The Firefox widgets let you quickly start new searches and access your favorite websites all from your Home screen.

How to add a Firefox Widget

  1. Tap and hold any empty spot on the Home screen.
  2. Press the plus icon + at the top left of the Home screen
  3. Scroll down and select the Firefox app from the list.
  4. You can scroll through the available widgets by swiping left and right. When you find the one you’d like to add, click the + Add Widget button.

Types of Widgets

Quick View Widget


Available in size medium and large. This widget brings your open tabs right to the Home screen. These serve as a quick reminder of where you left off last time you were in the browser and let you quickly return to that task.

Top Sites Widget


Available in size medium. This widget brings your list of most commonly used sites to your Home screen for easy access. It’s like having an app icon for your favorite websites. You can add any site to this list with the Pin to Top Sites option.

Quick Actions Widget


Available in size small and medium. This widget adds shortcuts to your Home screen for common tasks you do in the browser. For the small size, you can pick which of four tasks to display in the configuration settings. You can also search in private tabs, close private tabs or visit links directly from the Firefox widget, which lets you perform Quick Actions from the homescreen.

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