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How do I tweak Firefox for a faster and more convenient browsing?

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I know a lot of Firefox advance users don't recommend ordinary people to fool around with settings and configurations. And that is generally a good advice.

However, for a semi-pro user, as I would call myself, what tweaks do you recommend to get a more responsive browser, faster browsing, and more convenient user experience?

Also mention "pros" and "cons" with each advice.

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The tweaks I made so far is that I unchecked the ability for FF to block certain sites, such as phising sites. If checked that will add time for the browser to check a database if the site it is visiting is marked dangerous.

Since I know what sites I'll visit and also usually use another hack, which is NoScript, I don't need FF to warn me about sites.

NoScript also makes browsing faster since it doesn't have to load a lot of big scripts on sites unless you tell it to.

Another hack I'll use is to keep the browser cache limited to 50 MB. If I don't it grows to 1 GB! And that slows down browsing. Don't see any point in having it that huge.

If someone have any good experience from FasterFox Lite, or other tweaks, let me know.


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The anti-phishing "database" is inside Firefox and is updated shortly after Firefox is opened once a day; an outside website is not consulted for safe browsing so there shouldn't be any speed issue involved.

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Hello johanfromsweden,

official informations : Category:Tweaking preferences

as the article said : Keep in mind that the default values for these preferences are set that way for a reason. Non-default values may cause bugs, reduce performance in other areas, or may only be of benefit to users with certain systems or connection speeds

un-official informations : http://www.tweakguides.com/Firefox_1.html

beware not to do more harm than good !

have a good search !

thank you

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Well, actually the default values are there to benefit the most common user. I'm more of a power user and might have other needs than the avg mozilla user. So that's the reason why the default values might not benefit me.

I'll check out that website! Thanks for the tip!

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Here are some good basic tips from Mozilla's latest email. One tip I didn't know about was this easy way to check your plugins (not addons):


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Some tweaks do not do nearly as good as arcles may claim like the so called make Firefox ten times faster tweaks postings copy+pasted everywhere. For a long time the so called tweaks articles wrongly suggested setting network.http.pipelining.maxrequests preference to something like 30 or 100 for example when if they did simple homework they would have found the preference was hard-coded to eight max no matter the upper limit. Then as of Firefox 14.0 release Mozilla made this preference at 32 by default if pipelining is enabled.

The problem with enabling Pipelining is that in over the of years support I have seen people encountering issues like some sites loading slower or not all or displayed wrong or images swapping places or even getting IP banned in rare case to name a few that can arise.

Plugins are Addons also in the sense that the word Addons does not refer to one thing but groups together Extensions, Themes (full), Plugins and even Personas themes (toolbar wallpaper basically), search engines, dictionaries (as extensions) etc.

The word Addons started to get used around Firefox 2.0/3.0 release period when Mozilla should have just let everything be referred to separately as it was less hassle to do support then.

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This thread is a continuation of a previous thread by the OP:

I wouldn't be surprised when NoScript would cause a slow down, especially if you gather a lot of white-listed sites over time.
There are a lot of tweaks listed over the years that may work on some sites, but degrade the performance on others.

FastestFox has a setting to only show four results in the location bar drop down list (Enhance Awesomebar).

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I have not read anywhere about performances disadvantages with NoScript. If you have any source for that claim I would be interested.

Please also explain why I lot of whitelisted sites on NoScript would be any extra disadvantage.

FastestFox has no browser improvements that I know of. However FasterFox, that I mentioned, have a lot of browser tweaks.

Thanks again for your input!