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Lolu chungechunge lwavalwa lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

How can ANY developer NOT AUTOMATICALLY include specific domain blocking in a Browser?

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  • Igcine ukuphendulwa ngu John99

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Who oversees your Product Development? Daffy Duck? Porky Pig? Mickey Mouse? or a Class of 4th Graders?

This is "HAND'S DOWN" the most "EPIC FAIL" since Microsoft "BOB" and "New Coke". I am Truly STUNNED!!! It's obviously irritating- because I'm FURIOUS- it's baffling (how can anyone be THIS blind) and an unfathomable thing to miss (The Problem is OLDER than...!! Pop-ups have been an annoyance since the 1990's!!! Is ANYONE there THINKING? or am i simply missing where it's buried. (I pray to God I am)!

I dare someone to tell me HOW THE "answer/solution" below IS in ANY WAY an "EASY FIX". A Bungle THIS BIG is gonna get your "Browser" FIRED from my PCs!! I switched FROM IE (and I'm and Microsoft Alumni AND -by "average Standards" a SIGNIFICANT MS Share Holder) because Firefox seemed to handle FaceBook Games better. But, if you all could miss something THIS SIMPLE, what else have you MISSED.

Please- PRETTY PLEASE- make "a fool" of me and force me to apologize. Cause I WILL if I missed the obvious. I have NOT wanted to be WRONG more than I am now in all MY LIFE!!!

there are two simple ways for me to block specific websites. first, editing the host file

   Open my computer, and browse the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc In the etc folder 
   look for the file HOSTS.
   Open this file hosts with notepad.
   Go to the bottom of the file and create. You can block websites by following the format:
   Save the file and then the websites you added are blocked now. 

It’s easy to block certain websites by using editing hosts file way. If you want to block many websites even keywords, professional porn filter is recommended.

second, use a website blocker

   Download a professional Aobo website Filter.
   Install the software to the computer.
   Setting up the blacklist and a “white” list provided by Aobo porn filter. Besides the nasty, 
  porn-related words prefilled in the blacklist, you can also customize it to include anything
  that you want to block. The “white” list is reserved for safe words and Web sites.
   Save the settings and run the software. 

The software works in stealth mode that your kids will have no idea that they’re being blocked".


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You can Try with Website Blocker Addons

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I see this is your first question or activity with this profile, did you get such answer from another site or here, if it was here can you link that here?

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Yes, that is a direct cut and Paste of the answer I found here. I'm gonna just delete FireFox and move on. I have been replied to by kind, civil, and thoughtful people like you and I reply in kind. I have ALSO, been chided --- (see guidelines ~J99) --- You have been kind and thoughtful and I wish you good day. But, I'm done with a crummy "Free-Love Hippy" product.

Okulungisiwe ngu John99

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Yes, this is the "rude" PM that I sent to him.

 Regarding -

Please dial down the rhetoric. For the most part, the people rendering support here are volunteers, other Firefox user's like you. The few Mozilla employees who make an appearance and who render support here are usually absent on weekends.

the -edmeister  

I made the mistake of trying to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

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Sorry you are unhappy with Firefox.

You appear to have found the answers to your question and decided against further use of Firefox so I will now close this thread.

If you have not already deleted Firefox please note that it does have the facility to export bookmarks as HTML files and that may be useful for your Firefox replacement.

N.B. The prior thread and answer quoted initially was apparently /questions/954504#answer-463753