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Where can i download Mozila 64 bit ?

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Please make 64 bit or if it is maked please give me link for download :)

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

There is no specific Windows 64 bit build of Firefox, but the 32 bit one runs just fine on 64 bit. Download it from

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Isisombululo Esikhethiwe

There is no specific Windows 64 bit build of Firefox, but the 32 bit one runs just fine on 64 bit. Download it from

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Re: "There is no specific Windows 64 bit build of Firefox, but the 32 bit one runs just fine on 64 bit."

Haven't you guys heard od Waterfox? Its purpose solely for those 64bit-ers.

i believe the 18 or 19 updated version just came out not too long ago,....

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Yes, "we" have heard of Waterfox, but its' not an official build. It is produced by a 3rd party developer under the Mozilla license. This forum only with the real and genuine Firefox; 3rd party versions need to provide their own support fora.

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So and Firefox nightly and Aurora are also 3rd party?

more options - doesn't exist as a website.
Maybe you are referring to - - shows Firefox 4.0b12 as the newest versions. I would say that is project is defunct. May have been used as the start of the Waterfox "brand".

Nightly and Aurora are built by Mozilla, as the two "alpha" versions which lead up to the Beta stage. All versions (after Firefox 5) go thru 6 weeks in Nightly, then are "bumped" to Aurora for an additional 6 week development cycle, before entering the 6 week Beta phase. Then the new version of Firefox is released.

The Nightly, Aurora, Beta development stages are tracked over at MozillaZine - - in addition to various "groups" that the Mozilla developers use for communication.

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I just hope there'll be an official 64bit Fx sometime. Sure they say one doesn't need it and there's no benefit or that the 32bit works fine. But every time I install Java 32bit version I feel like the last freak of redundancy. Everything works with my Java 64bit installation but Firefox, so I have to upgrade and maintain two versions of the same program all the time, just to be able to see those two or three sites on the net that implement Java.

This time I canceled that and tried Waterfox as second browser besides Firefox. Sadly it used my 32bit Firefox profile and won't run simultaneously, even with -no-remote :(

So I create a new profile for Waterfox and get everything in line. With the correct command line options they'll start the different profiles, ok... but they both think they're "The Firefox", so they won't really run side by side.

This seems to be a "replace Firefox with Waterfox" option, what drops your version from 22 to 18. Meh, nay, I don't like it.

I remember having a "Internet Explorer (64bit)" shortcut in my start menu when I got Win7... but that one is gone. I'll go search for another 64bit browser that may nest my 64bit Java installation.

To make it clear: this is no real Mozilla issue. The issue is a "Java installations suck" and "Waterfox is no real standalone software" issue. I'd hope for Mozilla to solve all issues by going the 64bit way, but after all it really isn't "their problem"...

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Tyleydowner, to say that the 32 bit version of Firefox runs just fine on a 64 bit system is just a lame answer and is just wrong because it does not. The whole point of a 64 bit browser is so that it can take advantage of full system resources on a 64 bit system which a 32 bit browser does not and will start crashing after using approximately 2 gigs. Now when your a 64 bit user with 8 gigs of ram, and when something starts crashing at 2 gigs is really piddly and will really piss some people off.

Those of us that use the 32 bit version on a 64 bit system that keep a lot of pages or tabs open along with a lot of downloading can reach that 2 gig limit real fast causing Firefox to start slowing down and or crashing, I have had this happen to me personally and for that reason have uninstalled Firefox until such a time they realize the faults of not creating a 64 bit browser and have gone with Pale Moon x64, which in my opinion runs faster and smoother than V23 of Firefox.

I have seen the very same lame excuse for an answer from you in a closed thread and to call yourself a moderator with that type of attitude .... I am sorry, is just wrong.

Now, if Firefox wants to keep snubbing it's nose at 64 bit systems in a pretty much DOMINATED 64 bit world, then so be it, eventually Mozilla Firefox will be dominated by other, better browsers and fall by the way side, good luck in your endeavors.

Tell me something ..... Will Firefox go 64 bit when Windows goes 128 bit?

Okulungisiwe ngu edee

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This has gone beyond a support thread, the answer has been given, and ranting here isn't going to change it. Locking this thread.