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ff-3.6.8 crashes accessing Applications in Preferences

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Any attempt to click on Applications in the Preferences causes an immediate crash. None of the other selections within Preferences does this. Running from terminal shows no output.

I have tired submitting a crash report but cannot find the cert I need. I had found a link showing the crash reports and linux had very few (almost none). Perhaps if you all would provide a link how to properly get and install the cert on Linux this report would not have been needed.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== using qt-4.7.0 and kde-4.4.95 (KDE SC 4.5)

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There was another item causing a crash I forgot to mention. Clicking on Add-ons > Extensions. Anyway onto my findings.

Removing mimeTypes.rdf did not help.

However, after starting firefox in safe mode and disabling all the plugins stopped the crashing for Extensions AND Applications.

So I re-enabled the default plug-in an that is OK, no crashes. But enabling any of the gecko-media player plug-ins or flash will cause the clicking on Extensions and Applications to crash firefox. I have recompiled firefox, gecko-mediaplayer and their dependencies and even a few I did not think would have a bearing with no change in behavior.

I should note prior to this I was running ff-3.6.7 under the same environment and had these crashes.

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Try to delete pluginsreg.dat in the Firefox Profile Folder as well.

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Deleting pluginsreg.dat does not solve the issue. Just to cut to the chase I deleted the dot directory for firefox to start clean and the issue is present even then.