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How do firefox consider a URL as tracker

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I have been looking into the latest announcement of mozilla regarding tracking prevention. I can see that mozilla is trying what apple is trying with Safari ITP. The technical details describe that firefox checks the given URL in blacklist and then it checks if same URL is available in entity whitelist. If it s in blacklist and not in whitelist , it is treated as tracker .

My question here is how(on what basis) a URL is classified as blacklist / whitelist up front. What if a new website is created with tracking abilities . How will mozilla classify it is a tracker since it is new and will not be available on both blacklist URL list and whitelist's...

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see this article

Tracking Protection uses the basic protection list.

Okulungisiwe ngu FFus3r

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@FFus3r @cor-el Thanks for the quick response. Much appreciated. I went through the links. So, it is that has major impact in creating the lists. Firefox just compare domain with the basic/advanced lists depending on user activation of content blocking.

So if the website is considered as tracker. Do we have any option(official API) to request user for access, something similar to safari Storage access API

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If you use the builtin Firefox Tracking Protection then you always get the shield icon at the left end of the location bar when TP is blocking content. If you have other content blocking extensions installed then they may override (disable) Tracking Protection and you need to check their icons.

If Tracking Protection is active then you can check the Web Console for more detail.

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Hi Cor-el. I see some of the log info in console, that says. Request to access cookie or storage on “XXXX” was blocked because it came from a tracker and content blocking is enabled.

My question here is if mozilla provided any public API that will allow tracker to request users that they are using so n so info from this page..

Regarding lists,How were the lists created. How did disconnect classify domain as tracker in the first place.. Was it done manually . ?

How do one get into whitelist if they want to. (Will domain people have this option. Or is it just end user allowing domain in whitelist. )

Does mozilla exactly uses same list provides . Or will it maintain it's own list with initial base as disconnect's list.

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Hi, Anti-virus/Firewall company's also use white lists. As I would think every ad-blocker also does. It is common practise to call things white lists as to what they are may be different in every organization.

So with that : I would think your asking us things that are getting over our head here with the questions considering we are not employees but are Volunteers providing Support.

So it would be best to contact people that are geared toward public relations as what your asking, if we answered wrong we could be taken out of context or that we implied something.

So with that I will ask please ask your questions to the appropriate people other than Volunteers. Thank You.

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Lol. Ok. These are questions coming up from my client, I had no option but to ask for help everywhere i can.

Anyway , Thanks for all the tips provided .

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Welcome. Just thinking of legal consequences.

Good Luck