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Lolu chungechunge lwavalwa lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

My PC won't upgrade to Win 10 or current Linux. Win 7 is no longer available. Why are you abandoning XP users? Stand up to Microsoft !

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My hardware won't support a newer OS than Windows 10. It is so bloated it would slow my system to a crawl. I can't even install the newest versions of Linux. And I HATE Linux. I'd LIKE to run WIndows 7, but Microsoft yanked all the LEGAL copies from the market before I could get a copy I won't buy a download and key from some shady website, only to find out the key doesn't work, or has been sold to 100 different people. Besides, the cheap hardware builder versions are NOT legal for end users.

I can't afford a new machine.   Nor do I want one.  My XP machine runs fine.   Imagine if Ford suddenly took your steering wheel away from you and told you you can't drive the car anymore.   People would have a fit.  They depend on their cars.  We depend on our computers too.  I fail to see why Mozilla can't maintain updates for Firefox under XP.  How many people are going to be writing "exploits" for XP, if it is the obsolete system you always say it is?  Mozilla is just bowing to pressure from Microsoft.

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This decision is not made by support forum volunteers.

You can run versions of Linux that require very low resources and look a lot like Windows XP. For example, Zorin Lite (system requirements; donationware) or Q4OS (download; free).

Also, here's a sampling of this week's XP threads:

Good luck.

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Already told you my system (which has an Intel E8400 processor, and 8 Gb RAM) won't run Linux. I've tried multiple versions and releases. Even had an LINUX/,UNIX whiz kid (and IT professional) to the house MULTIPLE TIMES, and HE couldn't make it run. In fact, the $1600 system (purchased new in 2009) was a boat anchor on my desk for TWO AND A HALF YEARS, until I finally took a chance and installed XP. I have severe health problems, and a fixed income. I was hoping I'd be able to use this PC until I died.

I tried to contact Mozilla from their website. It was THEY who directed me to the forum. I hoped the people who maintain Firefox would respond, not forum members.

Both Microsoft and / or Mozilla could keep XP secure if they wanted. Heck, they could even charge a nominal fee. But they want to push advertising, a new OS, and new hardware.

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Hi, nothing it stopping you from running the last version of Firefox for XP. Just get extra protection through available Extensions and malware programs that support XP still. Or you can get Windows 10 for 99bucks from Bestbuy :

My friend has same chip as yours and it runs it fine, though 8gig is low.

There are refurbished computers, just have to look in your area of the world.

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Engineeringtech said

Already told you my system (which has an Intel E8400 processor, and 8 Gb RAM) won't run Linux.

The old Intel E8400 has been out since January 2008 so plenty of time for support of it in the kernel. Perhaps you have some unique case of issues with some hardware, drivers or bios.

It is generally the very new Intel or AMD CPU's that may not work or fully work without issues until say newer Kernels and recent motherboard BIOS updates and such were used. For example the AMD Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G had issues especially at launch until newer BIOS, Kernel 4.17 and newest AMD driver components and such used.

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Pkshadow said

though 8gig is low. There are refurbished computers, just have to look in your area of the world.

8GB of RAM is plenty though if gaming with AAA titles then 16GB is the newer nice minimum however RAM prices have been a bit too much in past year.

Depending on where you are you may be in luck to have some places that sells refurb PCs and parts. I wish I had access to the large amount of PC parts options in my area that the has for example.

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Windows XP is not safe to run on the internet. It has not received a single update in many many years, and was first released over 18 years ago. We supported XP for many years after Microsoft stopped supporting it, and are stopping support because of a few reasons. One, few users still run it. Two, we can't continue to support XP because the software we use to build Firefox doesn't support XP anymore (and we need to update that software to get new performance gains in software development) and we can't even run automated tests on XP anymore.

You should be able to run linux on that machine, those specs are more than enough for modern versions of linux (I often recommend for older machines). You can transfer your Firefox data over, and use the new, modern, Firefox 61.

Otherwise, use Windows 7 or later, either on this machine or on a new one.

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Thanks. I believe it's related to the high performance Gigabyte gaming motherboard. Bought it a couple weeks before economy crashed. LGA 775 socket, all the manufacturers ceased production during the down turn, and when rhey resumed, never made anymore LGA775 socket boards. So I couldn't reuse my RAM, processor, or video card. Can't afford it.

As for the Best Buy OS, that is a "system builders" OS. It is only legal to install on a machine built with new hardware be sold to an end user. Builders can't legally run it. Microsoft has enforced that.

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Thanks for your reply. I suspect the Gigabyte MB. But the manufacturers stopped making LGA775 MB's when the economy crashed, and even if I could afford a new board, all my expensive RAM and video card would't be transferable. We worked on the system for months before I got a XP install to work. Drivers, hardware, BIOS, CMOS, etc.

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From the first posting this isn't a FF issue but something you should post to a Window user forum to hash out. FF is just a Browser and Thunderbird email. And as such is not Microsoft nor can tell Microsoft what to do. So you should talk to Microsoft customer support to address your issue here.

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Thanks. I guess I'll run it till the security fails. Maybe by then I can afford a new machine ir MB.

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Thanks, but you are wrong. LOTS of people running XP. Heck my employer (electronic manufacturer) still runs DOS. Our PCB and schematic capture programs date from the 80's. I use a $300 drastically underpowered computer to do complex 3D CAD. The machine tools I use to build our prototypes and tooling are 60 years old. I'm good at my work, and so are my coworkers. I get tired of hearing people bitch about teachers pay and equipment. They get nothing but the best. Our manufacturing workers haven't had a payraise in 7 years. Last one was $0.25/ hr. That's because of the foreign dumping. There are no decent mfg jobs left in NY. Wish people would buy American.

I digress. Linux won't boot on my machine. I loaded a dozen version s over a year. All said they installed without a hitch. None booted. Even the wizkid from Ukraine couldn't figure it out.

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Understood, but don't tell me Mozilla, Google, etc. don't have some influence.

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Hi folks, From what I can tell, the original question of why Firefox is not supported on Windows XP anymore was answered, and the rest of the thread has deteriorated into discussion about how to install a different OS on old hardware, so I'm going to lock it.

I really hope you get your hardware/OS issues worked out! :)