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FF 49.0.2 does not allow "insecure" connection to LAN router

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When I enter the IP address for my LAN router ( and try to connect, FF responds with a message that declares the connection is insecure because the prefix is http:// instead of https:// and will not allow the connection. The same outcome occurs when I use Google Chrome.

As far as I know, it is not possible to configure a secure connection for the router (one that uses TLS). If it were, then I most likely would have done that when I set-up the router, and/or subsequently when I configured it. And I know that Mozilla participates in a campaign to force websites to use TLS connections.

Regardless, I am personally not able to replace the LAN router at this time with one which has such a feature, if there are any available that do have it.

The DDoS attacks effected on Friday, 21 October 2016, absolutely exposed the fact that an enormous number of devices are connected to the Internet without any regard for whether they are secure from hostile access. Even when they have security features, the default configuration is seldom changed by those who install or use them. Of course, I configured my LAN router to have both a unique user name and a strong password. No hacker will bother trying to seize control unless they are specifically targeting my system.

Mozilla has a lot on its agenda, whether every notion belongs there. But Mozilla often fails to realize that implementing a desirable change can make FF unable to access websites and equipment to which we need access. Mozilla must present such changes as options which the FF user can disable so that we can retain usability of the software. Else, using FF leads to a lot of time and effort wasted in dealing with Mozilla's organizational ambitions.

Please advise whether there is a way to use FF to access the LAN router without a "secure connection".

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hi, can you tell us the exact error message you are seeing when you try to access the interface of the router (or provide a screenshot of it). afaik firefox contains no feature to prevent any site from loading just because it is http - what it does do is to block sites which are supposed to be secure (https://...) but fail to comply with certain security standards...