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flash player plugin shows old version, but is latest.

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Hi, I use the firefox nightly version, I check my version's of plugins here: on a regular basis. Yesterday when I did so, I was informed that the version of Adobe Flash Player that is installed in firefox is 'outdated' and needs to be updated. I clicked on the 'update now' link and was taken to the adobe flash player download page and downloaded the file. I proceeded to install the latest file, I was prompted to close the firefox browser and then retried installing the file. Everything seemed to install correctly, I was even informed that the installation was successful. But this morning when checking the status of my installed plugins, it still states that the adobe flash player is out of date...why ?? How can this be corrected ? Thanks, David

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There's nothing you can do but wait for the problem on the Plug-in Check site to be fixed. It was supposed to be resolved last Monday; I don't know what the hold up is.

Feel free to vote for the report to keep track of any progress, but please don't post comments unless you have technical information to add. See the Bugzilla etiquette page for details.

  • Bug 1011824 - Plugin check page displays Flash plugin as vulnerable even if the latest version is installed in Beta30b4, Aurora31.0a2 and Nightly32.0a1
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Dear Gingerbread Man, Thanks so much for this information..I guess I didn't realize there was an issue with the Plug-In Check site. David

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Basically, the plug in checker has to be told what the current version of each program is. Even if you have the latest version, the checker will tell you to upgrade until it is told of an upgrade.