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What is Skipity and why does it show on my Firefox?

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I use Firefox 3.6.22 on a Mandriva Linux desktop. Now between Translate and Facebook is something named Skipity. I have a feeling I have not seen it before, Anyway I do not like what it shown when clicking on it. How do I get rid of it?

Regards Lars Backman, Helsinki

I use Firefox 3.6.22 on a Mandriva Linux desktop. Now between Translate and Facebook is something named Skipity. I have a feeling I have not seen it before, Anyway I do not like what it shown when clicking on it. How do I get rid of it? Regards Lars Backman, Helsinki

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Hi lars.backman- Skipity is a search engine. It can be installed on Firefox as an Add-on. If you did this, you would be able to remove it from your Add-ons manager.

  • Firefox > Tools> Add-ons> Look under Extensions or Plugins for 'Skipity' and remove it

Hello rbillings, This is what I did in the first place, but Skipity is not listed in either place. Nor are Screenshot, Translate or Facebook.

Regards Lars Backman

That is a feature of the toolbar add-on those button are sitting on - maybe related to "saving videos". Open up View > Toolbars to see what the name of that toolbar is and then open Add-ons > Extensions and look for that toolbar extension. Look at Options for that extension and see if you can turn off that Skipity button.

Skipity is part of Download youtube videos + 12.0 add on by konverts. this is the latest version. which has apparently been teamed up with facebook. so look under add ons/ extensions. to disable or remove.

Remove Download youtube video 12.0 and Skipity is gone -- you won't find skipity as a separate addon -- and show your disdain for this type of treatment by PERMANENTLYboycotting both spotify and download youtube. This kind of malware (skipity has a worse "privacy policy" than Facebook and Google) that cannot be deactivated without removing a formerly useful add-on must be the newest things in drive-bys..

Note just went to skipity's website to complain and found out that you are REQUIRED to post your email -- nothing unusual about that, except it automatically rejects hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc domain names. THIS Company is pure poison to your privacy. DON'T USE IT: read what they laughingly call their privacy policy, it make FACEBOOK look like a bastion of privacy protection.

DaleAGraves மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Just remove the Download Youtube addon

Thanks for repeating what I said in the very first line of my post.

Hi to all helpers,

I'm glad you helped me (us) out with this pityful Skipity ; I was growing vey angry at it when seeing it wasn't suppressable by using the normal way. Thx again


Thanks, but you must also click Restart Now.

Better idea is to dump Firefox, which I should have done months ago. Version after version the memory use problem continues. Now I am getting redirected to a friggin skipity screen no matter what I try to do. Firefox you started out with great promise, but now...............................

port-two மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

The Skipity link appears after loading some Youtube Download add-ons. To get rid of it, goto Tools, then Add-ons. Next goto the Extensions page, find the Youtube Download add-on and click the Preferences button. In the Appearance tab goto the Layout section and uncheck its toolbar button.

I don like this kind of things. When this happens more I maybe will switch to another browser. But for the moment I removed the Youtube add-on.

The above solution worked... If you have "Download Youtube" as and add-on, you have to get rid of it. NEXT... figure out a way to complain to Firefox about this add-on. Today 03/22/2012, Skipity hijacked my home page. So not only does it have a very annoying icon that looks like your "homepage" icon, it will actually take over your home page. NOT HAPPY.

Firefox, FF, has sold out to Google. Not only did it install Skipity WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, but it hijacked by home page, installed a new tool bar, and since the skipity page takes 4ever to load, as it is spying on every darn thing on my computer, I am more than ticked off. I am uninstalling FF on all my family's computers, in all 5 states and abroad. I am issuing a warning to my employees to remove EVERYTHING MOZILLA from their desktop computers, and Download Youtube is banned. Mozilla has sunk to the pits, they can't even get their registration page working properly, and if you think my username says it all, you should see what I have for a password.

Know how the Big Pharma run food companies - that's right - the ones that the holier-than-thou Open source afficionados all love to hate - have relabeled all the chemical additives in your food - the ones that make millions fat, sick and stupid - poisons like high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated trans fats - they relabeled them to BS names like "natural flavors" - that's excatly the same sort of marketing hype and shype that Mozilla has turned to. Truth in labelling Mozilla - if Download Youtube videos put this piece of crap Skipity on my computer then call it that so we can get rid of the darn thing. Most people with a brain that isn't vestigial do not use Facebook, "virtual friends" are so 3 decades ago, and Youtube has become too intrusive. And that's just boring.

StopFFsellingout மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

SKIPITY.COM is fake. When I checked out the domain age using whois just about 10 months,

  • Expiration Date: 2012-06-15,
  • Creation Date: 2011-06-15.
  • Last Update Date: 2011-11-30.

Is this really a SEARCH ENGINE?

I agree with you StopFFsellingout

edsbali மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது