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Why is Firefox 7 Beta so slow and lags or locks up and crashes?

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Ok I noticed that the Firefox updates have been coming quite rapidly and that the latest version is Beat. I understand Beta versions will have bugs and kinks that need to be worked out. My Problem is websites load slow as crap or don't load all together. And getting on Facebook? Forget that! Facebook has enough issues without throwing a slow Browser in the mix. My question is this. Does Firefox 7 Beta have some issues with responsiveness and speed? I noticed alot of people having the same issue as far as browsing speed. And before anyone suggests clearing history and cache. I have already done that several times. I have even checked my computer for viruses and anything else that might cause a problem like that. Add-ons and any extra toolbars are either removed or disabled and certain sites will still not load properly. Any extra information or advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you! A Loyal Firefox user.

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I am having exactly the same problems. I have noticed that when a website or link fails to load properly, I have to click the link a second time and about half the time that seems to work. There is clearly a problem and I am anxious for Foxfire to fix this problem!

i can't get to facebook at all with firefox. this just started last night.i have to use slow ie8 to see my fb page.

I've been having the same problem since it updated to 6. I went back to using 5 after that, but thought I'd take a chance with 7. It's not nearly as bad as 6 was, but now I can't find a version of 5 to go back to.

exactly the same issue. i would be using Seamonkey right now but i dont know how to transfer my addons and bookmarks. fireox is crappy has been for the last year

The lag sure is annoying, I never actually had any problems with previous versions of Firefox. I find myself having to restart firefox just to load a page or switching to another browser, which I'm having to use now to send this. Google Chrome is even more unreliable but at least the web pages open

I'm glad to know I am not the only one with this problem. I am a loyal fire fox user, have been using it since like 2005. I have never had such a problem with the browser until now. I have deleted all my add-ons, cache, history, and it still freezes up like it's about to crash when I am on web pages. I am running windows 7 on a brand new computer, and I have no viruses or malware. Whats going on fire fox?

I started having these issues after updating to 6 a couple weeks ago. I thought my computer had a virus but after doing some research realized it was Firefox. I HATE to even get online now. It would freeze for upwards of 30secs and would freeze up every 10-15 minutes it seemed. Now since 'upgrading' to 7 day before yesterday...I can be on a page for just a few minutes before it freezing up...for literally 2 minutes. I'm starting to really get pissed off and would REALLY appreciate a reply to let me know someone is ACTUALLY looking into this and having the same issues I'm having. I have been using IE...which I HATE...Google Chrome won't even open after I download! I have been using Firefox for SEVERAL years now...PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!

It has become so frustrating I am going to check out another search engine for the first time in many years.

I got this fixed after reading this thread in mozilla support and setting compatibility mode.

After the slow and bloated feel of version 7.0.x , i went all the way back to version 3.6.23 Why did they change the value to 248 from 42 or whatever it was? Seems like it made everything slow, i bet it was to enhance something that .00001 % (probably nobody) uses. so everybody suffers because some developer wanted something that only he would benefit. great

Same problem here....all started with FF 7.0.1 installation. Lagging, and slow load pages were never an issue until FF 7.1 . Getting Stop Script Errors constantly (never had those before)... CPU usage is WAY up also. After looking at the suggested "fixes" I will be going back to an older FF version

I am so disappointed in the new 7 problems galore, S-L-O-W loading slow and crashing, what happened to my favorite browser? You guys trying to meet every 6 week deadlines for new versions is irrelevant if your product sucks for everyone who uses it. Quantity does NOT equal quality.

Nice to know that it's not us...same excruciating slowdown with Mozilla 7... the older versions of Firefox can be found on this page and site: Be sure to shut off automatic updates after downloading and installing an older version; also be aware that some of the apps won't work, for ex: Google Toolbar. (~If I have to look at that little "trying to connect circle" one more time in the upper left-hand corner, I WILL be heading for a BAR! Ha!) Other helpful and useful things can be found on the main page Good luck, and best of browsing to you!

edit: replaced random unofficial download site link.

James மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Let's stop the crock and tell it like it is: Firefox is beginning to suck. I have used FF for over two years now, with Facebook... now it has bombed BIG-TIME! I have had to go back to IE because the new Facebook update of October, 2011, will NOT work with Firefox.... well, it takes 20 seconds to load, freezes up constantly.... or crashes. Also, I have the supposed latest and greatest version of Firefox! Finally, I have high speed internet with a mega-fast computer... with an i7 chip, 18 GB of RAM, and Geforce 470 1GB video card! So.... what's up Firefox?! Back to Internet Explorer we are all now "forced" to go. :-(

Try this Type in the address bar about:config Accept the warning. In the page that appears, in the Filter box, type network.http.max-connections Change the value to 32 (which is probably set to 256 in your case). Close that page. Restart the browser.

amkeew மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

I had the same problems. I suggest trying Pale Moon (PM) browser. It uses most of the FF extensions and looks and run identical (without the lags). Been using Pale Moon all week with no problems. According to them, Pale Moon is built from the Firefox source code. I'm running PM version 7.01 and it's noticeably faster.

sfmarkh மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

@ sfmarkh. That's an interesting browser. I am trying it now. So far seems ok.

so firefox is well aware of the slowness problems but does nothign about it. it has taken me more than 6 minutes to register, open my gmail, confirm and get back here to put this post in. not good firefox. everythign crashes. when I use youtube - I get a remnant picture of the video which pops up everytime I get he black screeen of death do something or I will move to another browser

firefox used to be a leader - but now it is struggling to be abl;e to follow it is soooo slow

I like Firefox a lot. I mean, I really like it, But... this new version is really a love test. Since this updates madness started, the browser went through some great changes, but it is a shame that it doesn't give any time for add-on developers to make the necessary adjustments for proper functioning and neither it maintains compatibility with older versions of add-on's. Besides, I am a massive user, always working with many opened tabs at a time, doing research, reading social network, consuming media. Facebook: Terrible experience. Youtube: Even with only 2 or 3 opened tabs, and cache free, videos suffer veeeeery terribly, totally, annoying freezes... All the time... And this is driving me mad...

I've just gone back to firefox 5, working ok. I don't understand most of the complicated fixes, but the old versions are available and work fine. firefox 6 and 7 a nightmare, freezing, very slow.

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