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Firefox 4.0 lost basic browser features?

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I decided to upgrade to Firefox 4.0... now I cannot 1) figure how to get my tabs below the url line, 2) find a refresh button, and 3) get my status bar up at the bottom.

I've found a status bar addon, but it didn't work. I don't think I should be needing addons to make a browser work like it did before. These are not useful changes; these are just changes for change's sake...

kellymo மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

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Firefox 4 hasn't lost any features, they're just moved around. If you'd like to make it look like 3.6, here's a blog post that explains how to that

You can learn more about Firefox 4 here: Get started with Firefox - An overview of the main features

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தீர்வு தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டது

Firefox 4 hasn't lost any features, they're just moved around. If you'd like to make it look like 3.6, here's a blog post that explains how to that

You can learn more about Firefox 4 here: Get started with Firefox - An overview of the main features

Thank you so much for the link; it's cleared up most of my issues so far.

One of the main reasons I enjoyed Firefox is the customisable options, but I don't see why they needed to drastically "hide" all the prior options (or even change some, like tabs above url?) for no reason -- unless they're trying to match other browsers (I would not know because I was quite happy with Firefox). To make things more "concise" and "less cluttered", maybe they should have an option to try it out. I'd definitely be more open to something like that. I had already cusomised Firefox to be rather uncluttered and darn near perfect. :)

Regardless, I guess change for change's (or a "competitive browser's") sake is something that's inevitable. :(

I do not like this at all.. Can't find a refresh tab, no url box? What happened to Firefox? It is so complicated now I want my old one back..

I went to that blog post and it froze my page up!!!! Why cant we just see an answer RIGHT HERE??

Please tell me what they said to do? I went to that blog and it froze up so bad I had to restart my computer...

My problem is worse. I upgraded to FF4 and now the whole browser won't start. I'm getting tired of this program. It's growing more and more troublesome everyday. Not to say that it looses all my autofills saved and cloggs my CPU

There is still a problem with the status bar. According to the link you posted the status bar is supposed to appear if you have add-ons that utilize it. That doesn't work. Thankfully S4E plugins (from the blog post as well) makes it work. The status bar is still a bug in Firefox 4.0 though.

But all the suggestions do work. I didn't take advantage of them all because 4.0 looks better now, more like Chrome :-D

jcottrell மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Yeah very good, trying to look at your fabulous blog post on how to fix Firefox but it's not loading and there's no refresh button. NOT impressed.

Still not connecting... Maybe everyone's trying to look at this stupid page in order to get a browser they can actually work with. Earth calling Firefox - put it back the way it was! Why would anyone want a set up with no refresh button?

thedreadpersephone மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Thedreadpersephone, refresh button is now, by default, implemented into the address bar, you can drag it out of there via "Customize...", alternatively, you can just try hitting F5 key on your keyboard. Also, try right-clicking around the place, might find some neat stuff, along with "Tabs on top" option. :V

looks like to refresh button is now call reload and is over on the right side of bar

I hate Firefox 4; love Firefox 3+. I cannot get into my talktalk emails, my Rapport programme won't work. Finally found the refresh button but when I tried system restore to get back to previous version, found I had lost Firefox altogether. Have reluctantly gone back to using Internet Explorer until I find a better

I want Firefox 3+ back too. I lost all my preferences; most of my settings; have addons I don't want; and most of the addons will not load due to bugs in the Firefox program. I have always been happy with Firefox, but this is a case of "if it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is".

Indeed, many features the browser used to offer are now either gone, hidden, or moved for no apparent reason. It seems to break preferences, settings, and most add-ons not specifically designed with 4.0 in mind.

I can't recommend this to my boss, since the look, behavior, and feature-set seem to change rather arbitrarily and based on the whim of some faceless developer. It would be a nightmare for training and consistency.

"Oops, that training document I created and distributed last week is out of date, since some faceless programmer we've never heard of decided to obliterate the program menus, randomly shuffle the context menus, and hide the essential icons. Plus, the antivirus toolbars that protect our corporate data and keep the users away from phishing sites and exploits no longer work. By the way, I still can't work with MHT files and the browser still gobbles 1GB of RAM if you have more than 30 tabs open. On the bright side, it now comes in bright pastel colors. Sorry, boss."

Keep 3.6 updated for as long as it takes to fix 4.0. Otherwise, it's useless for anybody not located in a basement.

Yeah, I had already removed stuff I didn't need like the redundant "favorite's bar" (that's what the bookmarks menu is for, or just plain memorizing and type the basic urls of my favorite websites -- I don't need a shortcut button to ""), and if I need more viewing space, I'll hit F11 to hide all the bars and indicators. (Keyboards still come with an F11 key, don't they?) If anything, having the status text appear outside of the no-longer-the-status-bar-but-the-add-on-bar makes the screen even more cluttered.

I am glad there is a way to return to the old Look and Feel which was so great. I am sure the next version will go back to the old look and feel.

duralexa மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Ctrl / opens and closes the status bar.

Just as a note if you choose the upgrade path (at least for me) it kept it looking pretty similar to before.

As for the changes it takes some getting use to but it is a lot cleaner. If you don't have the Menu bar the tabs fit right in with the firefox orange button in the top and gives you a lot more space. Same for getting rid of the bottom bar. Also like the block post talks about it isn't too hard getting it looking very similar. I also like that the bottom bar if you do add it (add-on bar). It can be organized using buttons just like the top bar only they look a bit different. Before I needed an addon to move them around. Now I just wish a ton of the add-ons would make their items buttons instead of task items (or whatever you call the old way) so I could move them all around as I please.

I do not like the new FF4 either at all. I think I'm going back to IE if you can believe that! There is no way to use the old favorites and what about my stop and refresh? This FF4 is a piece of crap. I don't know who your experts are but why don't you send them to chrome or something.

See what you think of FlashPeak SlimBrowser. It's unfortunately based on IE, so it's not any safer. But it works! I used it for 10 years before coming to FireFox and now that it's been f'd up with an update that changed too damned much I might as well go back to it. I've spend the last few daZe trying to local the old tabs I had open by using history and it's not working! It's been a miserable waste of my time and makes me feel really old to not be able to remember them on my own!

Refresh icon is partial circle/arrow the the right of address bar (URL box).

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