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Firefox 3.5.9 slowly loses bookmarks - first all folders are empty then all bookmarks are gone in a few hours: WHY

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I have a 320K bookmarks file. Earlier versions of Firefox sucked this way but 3.5.9 raises the suck to 11. It loses the contents of bookmark folders within a few hours of starting, then everything else within a day. NOW 3.5.9 WILL FAIL TO WRITE A BACKUP FILE. It says it will, doesn't report an error, and leaves you WITH NOTHING. And now, it refuses to load the backup files "unable to process...". And I think, but I'm not sure, after I forced it to write a "bookmarks.html" file, it deleted it.

These errors have been around for years. But now THEY ARE GETTING WORSE. WTF? Is anyone listening? Is there even a bug opened for this or is this less important than reordering tabs?

What's up with this?

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I have the same problem with Firefox on my Mac; these days, I find myself downgrading to earlier versions of Firefox because the new ones are actually worse!

They keep making more stupid design decisions like the ridiculous band-aid of backing up/restoring bookmarks rather than solving the underlying problem. What a bag of suck! But the icing on the cake is that the backup directory on Unix/Linux is located under the ".mozilla" directory in the home directory. When it comes time to restore, which is quite often, the file browser window starts in the home directory BUT DOESN'T LIST ANY ".*" DIRECTORIES!!! What are you thinking? There is NO WAY to get to the bookmark-backup-band-aid-kludge-o-rama directory!! PURE GENIUS! Distilled to its quintessential essence. You can't make this stuff up.

The only way to use the Rube-Goldbergian bookmark backup system is to create a symbolic link from my home directory to the backup directory called "mozilla-developers-are-morons". Ooops. The truth hurts.

Note that these bug reports and complaints get zero response from the mozilla team. It's because they just couldn't care less. Like when they broke legacy printing; the response is "I'm too busy to fix whatever I broke so just suck it up you lusers - I am super-coding guy."

WHAT THE FUCK!!! I have lost all my personal desktop links. All bookmarks gone and my security is all gone. My computer is acting as though I am now the person named on my guest account and I don't exist. I am frustrated and angry. How can I get everything back to how it was when I went to sleep last night? I didn't do anything! How does this happen???

This has been happening constantly on mac os x for me, and the same is true... the more I update the worse the problem becomes. After about 6 years of using only Firefox, I am finally leaving it behind. Bookmarks are too important a feature to be so buggy. I need something more reliable than this program which has become a pile of garbage the last couple of years. Goodbye Firefox! You will go the way of Mosaic and Netscape soon enough.

Well , what I did was shut everything off and restart cause nothing else worked. So then... all is well...till the next time I guess!!! What are you going to use instead of FireFox? Better how and why? Are you sure? or do they all get more and more corrupt as time goes on? Anyway good luck to you! : )

Firefox bookmarks suck. Designed by idiots.

Firefox bookmarks are the best in the world. They are fun. They are easy to use. Firefox developers don't need to ever put their head into the ground to hide for shame. They are the best ever.

Firefox is a piece of unstable garbage. Forget about bookmarks. Who designed this crap.