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How do I get FF back to where a new tab opens muy home page. I HATE that dumb ass splash page with all kinds of thumbnails of pages.

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In the 'new and improved' release of FF, when I open a new tab, instead of getting my home page which is which is the obvious starting point for ANY new tab, I get some god awful splash page with all kinds of thumbnails of various pages I have visited. This is 100% totally useless to me. How do I get this fixed so a new tab works the way it is supposed to? I tried installing a plug in but it disabled itself immediately and had an orange bar nest to it in the add on list.

I REALLY do appreciate the hard work that developers put into projects like this. I just wish they would quit fixing things that are not broken just to be able to say they have a 'new nd improved' release!

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Are you using "Clear history when Firefox closes" to clear any personal data in the Firefox profile folder?

Well it does look like it is a flash issue. Since disabling protected mode I have had a couple of instances where I get the plug in has stopped error message and something about flash/stopping a script. I'll get the exact message for y'all the next time it happens. Looks like a majority is with (and God knows I hate the place) facebook.

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