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How long to wait B4 Firefox compatible with Norton Identity Safe?

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Upgraded to Firefox 4. Norton Identity Safe is disabled. When will this be updated/verified signed. This is becoming immensely frustrating as the problem does not occur when using other browsers.

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Download the current full installers for your Norton programs and save them.

Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your Norton product

After rebooting the computer, run a registry scanner. Then run the installers.

Thanks, Tried that still not working. Under addons says Norton Identity Safe toolbar could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled.

Sika மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Run live updates in Norton as the most recent Norton extension update is said to be verified.

A patch (Toolbar: 2015.5.2.24) has been released to get the Signed/Verified Norton Toolbar for Firefox - Targets products on 18-Aug-2015]

It is not Firefox that is made compatible with Extensions including ones provided by antivirus clients to work with it.

The antivirus client extensions have to be updated for each new Major Firefox release .exe. One of the only good thing about Norton is that they have had a update for their Extension usually within a day of a new major Firefox Releases since Firefox 5.0

Hi, Thanks for your replies. Having read them and carrying out all the recommended actions I find the following in the text from the Norton patch: Update: Norton Toolbar extension is now Signed / Verified. [Signed/Verified Norton Toolbar not yet available for 2014, IDSS & 2013 products]. This patch should remove the "Not Verified Caution" message. I am still waiting to hear when it will work with Firefox!

Well that does it for me. After using Firefox since it began I have had enough and will be using Internet Explorer or Chrome as neither have given the frustration that I have recently had with Firefox.

I have the same problem with Norton ID Safe. Apparently, it is a fault of Firefox, as Norton recommends a different browser until Firefox fixes its bug. I'll be using Chrome for now on.

Norton advices a different browser for now because they weren't able to fix this in time although Mozilla has contacted them a few months ago and they should be fully aware of this change with supporting XPCOM components and this changed has probably been announced over a year ago, but only landed in the current release.

Willie168 said

I have the same problem with Norton ID Safe. Apparently, it is a fault of Firefox, as Norton recommends a different browser until Firefox fixes its bug. I'll be using Chrome for now on.

Not something that Mozilla has to fix in Firefox but rather something Symantec has to update their toolbar for since Firefox 41.0.

Hi Willie168, unfortunately, Norton just updated its toolbar the other day. This made some features compatible, but now Identity Safe will no longer work with that toolbar in any version of Firefox. Of course Norton is promising a second update, but no time frame has been given.


If Firefox is not usable without Identity Safe, and you don't want to switch to a different password manager, then unfortunately we can't help you.

I'm currently using Chrome since my old/current version of FF no longer allows anything but the castrated version of Norton Toolbar. I preferred the FF version I had, crashes and all, but I find FF unusable without Identity Safe.

I will not update FF until Identity Safe is available.

Mozilla, you've gone too far. I'm unwilling to follow.

Hi ann0yed2, you already know all the background on the changes in Firefox 41, so I do not need to repeat it. Symantec will issue the update when they are ready and there's nothing anyone else can do about it, period.

Since Norton has limited its updated toolbar to Firefox 40-42, and does not yet support Identity Safe with the new toolbar, it doesn't help you to stick with an older version of Firefox. Unless you can find a secret way to get the older Norton Toolbar for Firefox 38 ESR back again. (But for security reasons, I wouldn't trust unofficial download sites for that.)

I've spoken to Norton and been told that FF 38 ESR won't work since the former version of Norton Toolbar no longer exists.

My only option, since FF doesn't recognize Identity Safe, is to use Chrome and IE as my browsers. I could update FF since it's no worse than what I currently have but I'm angry that FF caused this problem and refuse to do so until Norton supplies a version of Norton Toolbar with Identity Safe.

I need Identity Safe. I don't need FF. I may never use FF again. Chrome is much faster and it doesn't crash.

Symantec knew for months and even asked Mozilla to delay change from Fx 40.0 to 41.0 for additional time and yet Symantec are behind and only have a partially finished toolbar.

Fault is irrelevant. I consider FF unusable without Identity Safe. My 'fix' is using browsers that allow me to use a fully functioning Norton Toolbar. FF is the outlier here as long as there are options to replace it.

For nearly a year I've accepted FF's inability to display several common retail websites I've used for years, At first, I could view item detail but product reviews were inaccessible. For the past several months, headers indicate that n number of items are displayed above a blank screen.

Using multiple websites is unwieldy and unnecessary. FF has more issues than Norton Toolbar: it's crash-prone and undependable. Chrome is not perfect but Mozilla isn't giving me any reason to keep using FF.

Hi ann0yed2, if you return to Firefox, please start a new question about the missing content, crashes, and site incompatibilities. Usually those problems can be solved.