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Where's a 64-bit Firefox?

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This question was probably asked before, but I guess it's important to keep asking so that the developers will realize that this is actually important.

I'm running a 64-bit Windows 7 for a few years now. I'm not sure if they even make 32-bit processors anymore. Any new PC you see advertised comes with Windows 8 64-bit. Both versions of Windows come with 64-bit IE. To be honest, the 32-bit IE is not only included, but is also default, but this is for the sake of backward compatibility. Opera is available in 64 bit, and so is Firefox, but only for Linux and Mac OS.

So where's the 64-bit Firefox for Windows? For years we've been hearing about plugins. Now, both Flash and Java are available in 64-bit. 64-bit Nightly works perfectly, I run it for years without any problem. Third-party builds also exist and work fine. So why not make an effort and promote the 64-bit Nightly higher up the production chain?

Sometimes we hear about "other priorities". But let's be honest here - what other priorities? I'm not sure why would I care about HTML5 - YouTube already works, and I don't see why should I care if it's in Flash or HTML5. Same about most other "cutting edge" features. I don't think I notice them. But I do notice that I have to run a 32-bit application on a 64-bit machine. Some people ask - what's the advantage of using 64-bit Firefox? I ask, why should I run a 32-bit application on a 64-bit machine? Just because it works? That's just not good enough.

So, enough with the excuses, just do it! That's what people are waiting for, not the "Firefox OS" (now why would I buy anything from a "proudly non-profit" company?)!

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First, there isn't much "taking advantage" of a 64bit OS. The only thing that having Firefox run natively in 64bit will do is allow it to use more than 4GB of RAM. Firefox almost never ever gets that high anyway. Other than that, there is no real improvement (64bit doesn't magically make things faster). There are bigger and more important projects (like actually making Firefox faster) that have priority over 64bit Firefox, so it just got kicked down the priority list.

Sorry to disappoint. It may be an interesting topic but not one to discuss here!

We do try to be polite and give at least a brief answer to such questions, but this is not the place to ask, discuss or obtain answers on development issues and Firefox enhancements.

This is a support forum answered by fellow users and not a place that gets developer attention.

A previous discussion attempt

(Note an Admin locked that as being off topic. )

Thanks, John99,

At least I will know where to direct the complaints. I haven't realized that this forum is not read by the developers.

At the same time, it's the "answers" such as the previous message that make one frustrated. We've been hearing this nonsense since version 4 and its version 24 now ...

Yes I realise it is something that causes frustration.

No doubt you are aware there are some 64 bit builds by third parties such as palemoon

In accordance with forum policy I will now lock this as an off topic thread, but hope the links given help you find avenues to discus or obtain a Firefox 64 bit Windows build.