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refreshed firefox and now I get this message the bookmarks and history system will not be functional becvause one of frirefoxes files is in use by another app

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I cannot restore any of my bookmarks after the latest update and refresh. There is no bookmarks toolbar functionality anymore.

I get this message. the bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of firefoxes files is in use by another application. some security software can cause this problem. I have not updates or altered security, was working fine, in mid use, closed down, then reopened without toolbars or bookmarks or history.

On the forums, tried several methods including uninstalling, reinstalliing, restoring bookmarks, using an older version. Nothing works.

Please advise, there is no indication as to which other program, if any, is currently using the supposed firefox file that is required to make the bookmarks and history functional. Obviously if there is no bookmarks functionality in 2018, this isn't really a browser that can be used. What application is likely using this folder and what to do with it please?

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Let's start by rebooting the computer.

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What security software do you have?

Boot the computer in Windows Safe mode with network support to see if that has effect in case security software is causing problems.