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goggle authentication page freezes to sign into lastpass for 2 factor authentication. I have the authy app on my phone which integrates w/google authenticator.

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I have the Lastpass Firefox extension and I setup the 2fa (two factor authentication) with Lastpass. I also have this extension on Chrome and Opera browsers. I use the Authy Authenticator app on my Iphone with the Lastpass account set up to provide a 6 digit authenticator code whenever I sign into Lastpass. Since the Authy Authenticator integrates with the Google Authenticator, I am provided the 2FA codes and can successfully sign into Lastpass using Chrome and Opera Browsers. However when I use the Firefox browser, a tab pops up that says Google Authenticator; but nothing displays so I can put in the 6 digit code I see on my Authy App for Lastpass. The tab in Firefox freezes and I have to use another browser to sign into Lastpass.

Is there something else I need to configure to use the Firefox Quantum browser?

Thanks for any suggestions and resolutions.