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Since reinstalling Windows, I can no longer change my bookmarks in the order I want. Every time I try to put the bookmarks in order, the links jump back to a different position. However, not in an alphabetical order, but according to my own rules, completely confused. So I have to look for everything now. What can trigger something like that?

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If you are using Sync with Firefox, disconnect from the Sync server while you are rearranging Bookmarks on that device. You would be fighting against Sync if that device remains connected to the Sync server.

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Where/How are you changing the order of the bookmarks (Library, sidebar, Bookmarks Toolbar or in a drop-down list) ?

If you do this is the Bookmarks Manager (Library) then make sure you aren't using a sorted view (Views -> Sort -> Unsorted).
Also best is to avoid doing this from a search result list or in a recently type list that shows the result of a query.

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I just drag the bookmarks to where I want them to go. But after a short time, the drawn links either jump back to where they were before, or even to a completely different position. But not everyone and always. Some of them stay where I want them and only jump somewhere else when I position others in front of or behind them. Kind of messed up. I turned off sync. Nothing changes. I have never experienced anything like it.

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Overall, that sounds like Sync is involved .... How are you disabling Sync?

Type about:preferences#sync in the URL bar and hit Enter. There you will find the Sign Out... button for disconnecting Sync on that device from the Sync server.

Where are you dragging them?

Library window, the Bookmarks sidebar, the Bookmarks Toolbar, or on a Toolbar drop-down listing?

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Of course, I turned off sync right there. So even if I am not logged in to my Mozilla account, nothing will change about this phenomenon. And it doesn't matter where I change the order of the links for the bookmarks. I usually do this using the Toolbar drop-down listing.

I drag the links with the mouse button pressed to the desired position in the bookmark list. 1-2 may still go, but late on the 3rd link the previously placed links jump back to another position in the list.

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Could be that places.sqlite got corrupted and that Firefox isn't able to update the database and thus reverts to the previous setup.

If you use Sync then best is to disconnect Sync temporarily during troubleshooting.

You can check for problems with the places.sqlite and favicons.sqlite files in the Firefox profile folder.

  • use "Verify Integrity" button on the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page

If errors are reported with "Verify Integrity", close and restart Firefox and retry.

If "Verify Integrity" cannot repair places.sqlite, rename/remove all places.sqlite and favicons.sqlite files in the Firefox profile folder. Firefox will rebuild places.sqlite and restore the bookmarks from a recent JSON backup in the bookmarkbackups folder.

  • keep a backup copy of places.sqlite in case a new places.sqlite database has to be created

See also:

You can use the button on the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page to go to the current Firefox profile folder or use the about:profiles page.

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Have almost all tips unsuccessful done.

Now I loaded an older version of my bookmark list into the Firefox recovery function in its bookmark management. So everything suddenly works again, even if I now turn on sync. Very strange. Only a few new bookmarks are missing here. I first have to put everything in "my" order. At least that remains afterwards.

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533/5000 And the problem comes again. I just restarted Firefox and my order is gone again. Incidentally, reproducible. And not only that, there are now 6-7 hyphens / separators between the official bookmarks and my generated ones. I can only solve this problem until further notice if I restore again with an old bookmark storage. What's lazy However, I was back on Sync after solving the problem as I thought. Have now re-issued it for the bookmarks and will continue to watch what will happen now without the Sync option.

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Sorry that you are continuing to have problems with your bookmarks.

My thought it that the Sync data was corrupted and quite possibly that corruption was pushed back into Firefox, where the originally started. IOW, just sending the corruption back and forth.

My advice is to change your password for your Firefox Account; when you do that the data that is on the Sync server will be cleared / erased from the Sync server. That will allow the Sync system to retrieve a fresh load of data from an un-corrupt Places file in Firefox. So, it wouldn't be a bad idea the use Verify Integrity before changing your Firefox Account password and make sure that Firefox is disconnected from Sync before to use that Verify button again. It might seem like a waste of time, but that may save time over having the data getting corrupt again, and again. I have helped many users who tried to cut corners by moving to fast our of frustration, and later regretted doing so.

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The current status is as follows: Every time the PC is started and Firefox is opened, the order of my bookmarks changes extremely and 8-10 separators are formed in the list above the area where my bookmark list starts. I then immediately load an older version under the restore function and everything is the same as before. Most of the time it stays that way until the next restart of the PC. Then the whole thing starts all over again.

Incidentally, the sync is currently switched off. Of course the problem is annoying. At least I can now insert a new bookmark again and optimize the order myself without everything moving back and forth independently. The problem is only if I have to load the old version when restoring, then the new bookmarks are of course not there. The system creates new bookmarks from time to time, but they are also strangely different than what I wanted. Therefore I am currently loading my stand from 1.06.! This fits, but unfortunately does not have any changes from me.

I will try it again with the sync on for the next few days and will report whether it works now.

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Okay - finally solved this - I did the standard procedure - removed the Firefox program and reinstalled it. So far the bookmarks I've arranged o the toolbar are staying put. As to why the problem occurred in the first place is still a mystery.

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Did you have the same problem Aman Aryan?

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please follow this link:

Recover lost or missing Bookmarks

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Thanks for the tip. But none of this is relevant to my problem. My bookmarks haven't disappeared. These are completely mixed up and are constantly changing my usual order.

In the meantime I completely uninstalled Firefox, manually deleted existing folders, cleaned the registry. Then completely reinstalled. Have loaded my previously saved bookmark save, until then everything is fine. After that I signed in with my account as recommended by Firefox. After some time we started, the bookmark list changed massively and all links were completely mixed up again. I don't know what to do. I have never experienced anything like it. Basically, all of this suddenly happened without me having installed a new add-on or something similar. Otherwise I could understand it, would uninstall the add-on in question and everything would be fine. But the ones that are now installed have been without problems for a very long time. That's why I doubt that it could be because of it.

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Before I forget, there's even another problem with Firefox. I occasionally have a green screen. And always while I'm surfing the Internet. So use Firefox. And I just had one when I just opened the browser. So it must be because of it.

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bevalde said

The current status is as follows: Every time the PC is started and Firefox is opened, the order of my bookmarks changes extremely and 8-10 separators are formed in the list above the area where my bookmark list starts. I then immediately load an older version under the restore function and everything is the same as before. Most of the time it stays that way until the next restart of the PC. Then the whole thing starts all over again. ......

Did you change the Password for your Firefox Account / Sync login to 'flush' the corrupt data that is "floating around the server" and re-corrupting your bookmarks on that device, as I advised on 6/1/20 ?

That is as important as using Verify Integrity and each needs to be done in the correct sequence for it to be successful and eliminate the corruption. Otherwise the issue keeps "circling" and never fixed. And also fixed the additional separators that appear, which usually appear when Importing bookmarks in HTML format, iirc when I saw that 'fault' myself.

IMO, the exact symptoms of Sync that I have helped fix for (too) many other users. Specifically, with the Firefox launch routine automatically connecting to the Sync server to check for changes made on the Sync server AFTER that Firefox installation was shut down the last time. I would suspect that a 2nd device that you haven't mentioned, namely a "mobile device" running Firefox for either Android or iOS has connected to the Sync server in between the desktop / laptop Firefox being used. Tell me that I am wrong about a 2nd device.

The "fix" is in desktop / laptop Firefox which has the Verify Integrity button, which the "mobile" Firefox versions don't have. I suspect that the Sync server handles that automatically to some extent .... Basically when the user has your type of problem with Sync with corrupted bookmarks that seem to have their own mind.

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As I mentioned, I have already done this and, among other things, changed the password of my account. The only possible option would be to create a completely new account. Otherwise I only have iOS devices. But nowhere is Firefox running.

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Unless I am missing something ... are you using Firefox on one device only?

And thus only Sync the Windows 10 PC that you started this support thread using? And none of the iOS devices are ever connected to Sync?

How do you you synchronize one device? Sync was not intended to serve as a backup medium for a sole device.

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Ok, stupid of not having thought of it, but I actually sync Firefox's bookmarks via my Apple iCloud, among other things. I have now issued. Proceed as suggested with integrity etc., turn off sync and set a new password for my Mozilla account. Everything was great with the bookmarks all day. Until I started syncing again in Firefox. All the bookmarks in the list were already all over the place. What is now? Creating a completely new account in Mozilla?

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NO WONDER you can't fix this from my instructions! You're using a "sync" application- Apple iCloud - that is known to cause issues with Firefox / Firefox Sync - don't use a "Mozilla Account" at all, except to login in to this forum. You are connected to the Firefox Accounts Sync server for bookmarks and that is messing with your bookmarks in Firefox.

First Mac user that I have helped with "sync" issues and bookmarks and didn't mention iCloud up front or sooner in the support process. I guess that I am gonna have to remember to ask Mac users in my first response; but hey, I was helping a "Windows user" to begin with, and just yesterday it "accidentally it came out" that iOS was involved AND only because I brought that up relative to "mobile Firefox" versions!

And in conclusion, I am so frustrated right now that you'll wait for some one else to help you separate your "account" for this forum and the Firefox Account that has you connected to the Sync server. I myself had a problem in the recent past with this SUMO forum switching over to requiring a Firefox Account, and I temporarily lost access here until an Admin type here got it fixed for me. And part of what I had to "fix" was that my Sync "account" used the same email address (therefore Firefox Account) as I have had here from the days when it didn't make a difference. And the mass stupidity that Mozilla lives from by re-using "features" for separate tasks / uses and then doesn't take the time to fully comprehend the totality ... that has "bitten me in the a$$ a few times over the last 19 years that I have been using Firefox in 3 or 4 different areas.