How to be a Social Support Moderator

The Role of a Social Program Moderator

As a moderator this user is a mentor and a moderator, their tasks tend to be, but are not limited to:

  • orienting the user and help alleviate any doubts when responding to users;
  • reporting any bad behavior of the user #fxhelp (on Twitter)
  • reporting any spam and triaging it with the tag 'Spam' and if necessary: to twitter or to facebook
  • showing how to correctly configure the TweetDeck there are any issues and adding to this document explaining how to set up TweetDeck
  • reporting their positive or negative actions to both admins and other moderators. Nominate them for contributor of the week in the Community Meeting etherpad;-)
  • evaluateing whether it meets the prerequisites to use the Reply. At least one moderator and one admin need to be a part of that decision.

As a moderator you remove barriers to participate and drive members motivation to particpate. They also help with conflict and making sure that escalated issues are addressed by an admin. They help keep the atmosphere positive and keep users under the impression that we have a mutual purpose and have mutual respect for one another.

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What you agree to do as a moderator:

As a SUMO community member and forum moderator:
  1. I accept and promise to follow all the above guidelines.
  2. I agree to take action as specified by the SUMO Moderator Guidelines.
  3. I agree to be nice and aware of potential multiple cultural differences between the Mozilla product users and my fellow community members.
  4. I accept that I will be contacted by moderators, community managers, and other Mozilla product users from the private message feature.
  5. I will remember to have fun and take a break when I become frustrated or find myself in a heated debate.
  6. I understand that compassion is a trait I should display when communicating and collaborating with other community members and Mozilla product users.

What does that mean? =Elaboration on some of the new responsibilities that you will have informally. =

Making Decisions

  • All decisions by staff need to have one or more community member’s feedback on any changes.
  • We are transparent through the whole process: we open a discussion, we consider all of the options and then an admin will make a final decision with the best laid plans from the community

Sharing Information,

  • NDA only info can be shared in the
  • Telegram Support Channel, Matrix and the Support forums in

Consider ideas for improvement,

  • Please use the
  • Please use the telegram channel
  • Discussions and Feedback can be engaged in the support forums or on the SUMO category of

Coordinate hand-offs or escalations when necessary

  • When Rachel is on vacation, Sierra, Liz are the hand offs for the Reply by Buffer Tool
  • Roland and Patrick are the escalation point of contacts for product issues

review work,

  • All work must be reviewed by a community member or an admin before being promoted to the rest of the community
  • All feedback is welcome, however please make sure that it is in a respectful way

Challenge prevailing thought, Prioritize and Resolve conflict.

  • When Moderating, ask for screenshots and for accounts of the issue from all involved parties
  • Final decisions are made by administrators and steps preventing or improving the circumstance of each situation will be discussed by the sumo staff and moderators active in the support community.
  • Where: Moderators Forum or private email to Social Moderators

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