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Mozilla CEO's support for Propostion 8

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Why should I continue to support Mozilla after I have learned that its new CEO Brendan Eich made a $1000 contribution in support of Proposition 8 in California? To my knowledge Eich has not apologized for his actions or done anything substantial to make up for this unconscionable action

I understand that Mozilla has issued a statement that it is "deeply committed to honoring diversity in sexual orientation and beliefs within our staff and community." But this statement is at odds with the appointment as Mozilla's chief executive officer

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An official statement on this issue has been released at: https://blog.mozilla.org/press/2014/03/mozilla-statement-on-diversity/

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i will close this thread as offtopic. since this primarily community-run forum is intended for providing technical support, it's not the right place to discuss policy issues - please also refer to the Mozilla Support rules and guidelines. thank you!