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How can I download books as PDFs from Google Books ?


I used to be able to download books as PDFs from Google Books (Full View) until about 12 months ago. However, now when I click the PDF link, I get a dialog box that says "You have selected a PDF file (12 Kb), and it offers me options for download or opening. It's the Nitro PDF tool. If I do download a file it's always 12 Kb and it's not a valid PDF file. Most of the books, I'm looking at should be over 10 Mb, and all previously downloaded books were over 5 Mb.

I'm using Windows XP and Firefox 3.5.19, and PDF Download from NitroPDF.

Is there an add-on that will give me back the ability to download files ? or is there a conflict with something else that is preventing PDF Download from working ?

I can't see anything on NitroPDF's site about the add-on.

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Uninstall/Disable NitroPDF.

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Check and tell if its working when you try to download a PDF file using Firefox Safe Mode.