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What happened to the refresh / renew option in the toolbar?

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I am not at all happy with the new version; I installed it when getting a new computer and lost all my bookmarks - that was not fun.

But, to the question at hand, the tool back used to have a tab that was to refresh / renew a page. Don't see it for an option now and used it quite a bit.

Help please. Thank you.

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In Firefox 4 by default the Stop, Go and Reload (Refresh) buttons are combined and attached to the right hand edge of the location bar.

When you are typing in the location bar it will show the Go button. When a site is loading it shows the Stop button. At other times it shows the Reload button.

If you want separate buttons, right-click on a toolbar and choose Customize, you can then drag and drop the stop or reload buttons and place them elsewhere. If you place them in the order "Reload-Stop" on the right hand edge of the location bar they will be combined again. For more details on customizing the toolbar see https://support.mozilla.com/kb/How+to+customize+the+toolbar