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how to install Firefox for Blackberry

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Need help installing Firefox to my Blackberry cell phone, to play certin games like zinga. Can u help

Extensions installed:

Not sure I just was directed by my cell phone to get Firefox 2.0 or better

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Need help installing Firefox to my Blackberry Curve Cell phone" 2.0 or better" I need to be walked through the steps

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Sorry, Firefox is not available for BlackBerry. For more information, see Will Firefox work on my mobile device??

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Well if firefox is not compatibal then wich add_on will work for my blackberry Curve' I'm tryn to play games on facebook so can u help me????

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Most Facebook games like zynga.com require Adobe Flash Player, which is also not available for BlackBerry.

Flash for BlackBerry might become available later this year: http://www.blackberrycool.com/2010/06/23/adobe-flash-10-1-released-to-manufacturers-including-blackberry/

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My husbands blackberry has firefox on it. Not sure why it wouldn't be available for blackberry if he has it. My question is how did he get it and how do I download it. His phone works perfectly fine with firefox???????

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Carrie, whatever software is on your husband's BlackBerry might call itself "Firefox" but it is not really Firefox. We have never published any version of the Firefox browser that runs on any BlackBerry phone. Sorry!

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why is firefox is not support in the blackberry platform, why firefox is not develop for blackberry, I do not understand, blackberry is a great phone, why not develop for them?

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Hi abel70,
You're replying to a thread that is over a year old. You should use https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/new where volunteers can get more details about your setup.

To answer your question, at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms it says:

Due to the Java-based development system and inability to build C/C++ apps, the full Firefox browser will not be available on the Blackberry OS. However, a future version of Firefox Home may be available for Blackberry.

Because this thread is so old and more people might start using it for their own questions, I'm going to lock it.

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