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How can I submit Firefox Beta feedback?

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I have some feedback regarding the new UI update, but neither the link in the release notes (As always, we welcome your feedback feedback.) nor the Settings -> Help -> Submit feedback ... button (Settings button redirect ) take me to a form.

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Hi Michael, is this regarding the Proton user interface design?

(1) If you are comfortable using Reddit

(a) Join a discussion of your issue on the r/Firefox subreddit, comment, and vote.

The discussions that get the most comments and votes rise to the top of the filtered list reviewed by the team. (Example proton search)

(b) If your issue is not covered by an existing discussion, start a new one and include Proton in the title and tag it with Discussion or Proton feedback.

If other users add comments and vote up your discussion, then it should come to the attention of the team.

(2) If you prefer using this forum

In order to better surface feedback, we can tag threads with MR1. However, this site doesn't have as good tools for prioritizing threads for attention as Reddit, so feedback here may have less impact.

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In addition to the above helpful suggestions, there is a twitter thing on this too: