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Firefox bookmark star disabled from url bar

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I was having some issues with my bookmark button in the url/address bar working improperly, which wasn't the first time. However I've forgotten the fix I've used a few times in the past. I don't mean the button that exists in the gray border outside the bar, I mean the one that sat inside the bar next to the three dot option button. Specifically the one that would light up to indicate that a page was bookmarked and, when clicked, would show what it was saved as in your bookmarks and in which bookmark folder location.

The button was no longer allowing me to edit a bookmark I had recently saved when I had clicked on it, simply lighting up to show it had been saved. When I right clicked it, it gave an option to hide it and I clicked it in a rush thinking I could toggle it back on and now it's gone. Again, this is not the first time I've had this issue but it happens far apart enough I've forgotten how to fix it.

For now I have an extension that somewhat imitates this specific bookmark feature, whereas it will light up to indicate a page I'm viewing is currently saved to my bookmarks and I am able to quick save via clicking it, but it's a cheap imitation of the real thing. It gives me no option to edit the bookmark from there nor does it tell me in what location a currently viewed page I have bookmarked is located.

If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know. All guides, tips, and help listed on Firefox's forums, help pages, and web searches are several updates behind or years old and absolutely worthless. Please and thanks.

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You can find items like the Bookmark Star in the drop-down menu that opens if you click the "Page actions" button (3-dot icon at the right end of the location/address bar). You can right-click an item in the 3-dot "Page actions" drop-down list to add its button to the location bar for easy access.

The "Edit This Bookmark" dialog that opens if you click the highlighted star has a checkbox with "Show editor when saving" (shortcut key in the dialog is Alt+S). This item is at the bottom just above "Remove Bookmark" and "Done".

See "How do I change the name or location of a bookmark?"


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