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setting up Thunderbird email with a new domain that resides at Go Daddy

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I would like to setup a new domain that I registered at Go Daddy to start receiving email using Thunderbird as my email client. Go Daddy asked me to supply them with the information (MX records, etc) from Thunderbird to add to the domain's DNS records. I don't know what that information is. I also need help with the account setup at Thunderbird so that it will be configured to receive and send emails properly.

My new domain is caryneyes.com

Thank you!

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until you configure your MX record your domain will simply not be able to receive email.

Note Thunderbird has nothing of use in the creation of an MX record. I suggest you spend some time learning about MX records, or hire someone that already knows to do the job. It is not exactly simply, even though the individual steps you need to take are.

But it looks like it has already been done https://intodns.com/caryneyes.com


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Thanks Matt,

I setup the MX records based on reading some blogs. I am still being rejected by the server. I suspect two things:

The user name and password that I used setting up the email account [email]@caryneyes.com on Thunderbird. Should the user name and password when setting up the email account on Thunderbird be the same as my Go Daddy user name and password?

I don't have an MX record for [email]@caryneyes.com?

In addition, I didn't setup any A records. I should setup an A record for, correct? Your report also recommended setting up A records for the name servers as well: and

I appreciate your help...

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