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Memory Leak or Out of Contol Extention ?

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So how do we Figure out What add-on anymore is causing this?

moz-extension://8e556052-51b2-404e-8404-ab036e8e89c8/_generated_background_page.html, id=233)

I can find any add-on in extension folder with that name.

Even when OI close out tabs it still continues to run. Happen more when I watch Youtube live channels. even though in the Task Manager the Youtube Live Channel (Any Channel that goes live)


> Tab of youtube channels (only shows 507 MB )
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mrbunnylamakins said

moz-extension://8e556052-51b2-404e-8404-ab036e8e89c8/_generated_background_page.html, id=233)

That is a code number, like the scan bars on things that you buy.

It could be the work of one of your add-ons, or it could be Hardware Acceleration. How to disable Hardware Acceleration {web link}

Type about:addons<enter> in the address bar to open your Add-ons Manager. Hot key; <Control> (Mac=<Command>) <Shift> A)

In the Add-ons Manager, on the left, select Extensions. Disable a few add-ons, then Restart Firefox.

Some added toolbar and anti-virus add-ons are known to cause Firefox issues. Disable All Of them.

If the problem continues, disable some more (restarting FF). Continue until the problem is gone. After, you know what group is causing the issue. Re-enable the last group ONE AT A TIME (restarting FF) until the problem returns.

Once you think you found the problem, disable that and re-enable all the others, then restart again. Let us know who the suspect is, detective.