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Wikibuy Not available?!?!

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About 6mo ago I for some reason lost the Wikibuy extension... I've tried everything I know to get it back and keeps saying the file must be corrupt (See image)... On Wikibuys site it says its compatible with Firefox... ALSO... You cant even find it when searching extensions through firefox???? Please help... I hate the Honey extension!!

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Wikibuy's add-on for Firefox is no longer available on the Mozilla Add-ons site. I'm not sure what happened with the link on Wikibuy's site. Could you contact them about when they expect it to come back, or a better link?

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I've emailed wikibuy 2-3 times over last couple months with no response... so I have no clue what to do... I just know it def helped with discounts on purchaces and I want it back!