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account missing

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Hi I have recently done a clean install of my computer and with a new install of firefox, went to sync my bookmarks but I cant log into my firefox account. Using the correct email and password I have tried several times. I have entered my email address under the 'reset password' link, but no email arrives? Its like my account does not exist?

I have checked one of my mobile phones which is sync with my firefox account (listed as 'deprecated') and it has my email address there under account, demonstrating that it is the correct email address.


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Firefox 29 and later have a new Sync version that use a Firefox account and only use the name and password and no longer use a separate Sync (recovery) key (the Sync key is automatically derived from the password of the Firefox account).

The new Sync version is completely different from the version that was previously used and you need to install a Firefox 29 or later version on all connected devices. You can enter the name and password of the Firefox account on each computer to connect to the new Sync account. You can no longer pair a new device by entering a pairing key on a connected device although this might be possible again in a future version of Sync if they decide to re-add this feature. You need a Firefox 28 version to connect to an old Sync account that used the Sync key.

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Hi Thanks for your quick response. I have installed Firefox 31 so thats not the issue. The issue is that firefox says that my account does not exist. I understand that there is a new sync process, but if firefox is not letting me access my account using my login (email address) and password, how to I access my bookmarks that have been sync'd with the Firefox servers?

I have had an account with firefox that I have been syncing my bookmarks for several years, but now firefox can not locate this accou

If i create a new account, given that I have re-installed everything on my PC, how do I access my bookmarks that are backed up in my original account (which I can not access)?

thanks, Sam.