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My Firefox freezes (does not crash) frequently on Ubuntu 12.04

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Hi. Firefox was working fine on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but just about 2 days ago it started freezing very frequently. As I write this, sometimes the browsers "stops", without saying anything, and then it puts what I've written. It freezes for about 6 or 7 seconds, which is very annoying.

It happens when I'm doing anything: scrolling, switching tabs, right clicking, etc.

I'm using the packaged version of Firefox (I didn't download it manually).

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I have fx17 canonical package and fx15 Mozilla version installed on 64bit Ubuntu12.4 and am not noticing problems.

Try Firefox in Safe Mode see if that helps

I would also recommend you turn on telemetry, as that allows Firefox Developers to receive anonymised data of real world firefox usage, and helps with identifying and solving problems like hangs

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I also had this problem, and disabling Firefox cache fixed the issue for me.