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Why does Firefox have trouble displaying certain Unicode Plane 1 characters (specifically, Phoenician)?

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Hi. I'm trying to get Firefox to display characters from ancient scripts. I have installed all the necessary fonts, and changed the encoding to Unicode. When I try to view Phoenician and Imperial Aramaic characters (other scripts too), I just get boxes with numbers (10900 and so forth). I have a laptop that is able to display these characters but I need to be able to see them on my current system.

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Do those scripts show in other browsers like IE?

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Yes, I can see the characters in Internet Explorer. I'm comparing the encoding settings now, however I still can't see them in Firefox.

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It is possible that the font is not compatible with Firefox if you get hex boxed with the Unicode character code and that font is working in IE.

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On my laptop, the fonts work in Firefox, and they are both the same Firefox versions. However the laptop uses Windows XP and my current computer uses Windows 7.

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Try installing the font "aegean".

You can find the font here


By the way, have you read