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Can't get a clean print of the web page. Chrome prints same page perfectly.

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Hi, Firefox is my go-to browser... but I'm forced to use Chrome more and more as Firefox doesn't seem to be able to print web pages..... I've read through as many online Firefox support articles, reset the printer setting, reset Firefox, etc. but when doing print preview and then PDF print of pages, Firefox either only shows the upper part or breaks the web page into multiple pages and misses/deletes the content between pages.

Thanks Shawn

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Hi Shawn, yes, there are problems printing pages in Firefox with some increasingly common designs ("flex" for example). Sadly, these bugs tend to languish for a long time when they involve the apparently messy area of pagination -- breaking blocks of content into pages.

We can advise on hacks for particular websites, but for day to day coping, it's often easier to use another browser.

I created an experimental extension that tries to override the most problematic style rules. I wouldn't use it on any page you cannot reload, but it could be handy in other cases. If you want to give that a try:


When you click the toolbar button, a menu is inserted into the page. (I realize this may be the ugliest thing you've ever used, but I'm still trying to figure out which direction to go with it.)

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Hi Jefferson,

Thank you for your reply. Sadly, I'll start using Chrome more for my day to day browsing needs.

Thanks Shawn